Hopewell Valley (1963) – League Women Voters (Intro)

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Hopewell Valley / Hopewell Valley League of Women Voters (1963)
by The League of Women Voters, 1963 [HPL, HM]
Contents: History, Government, Political, Finance, Planning & Zoning, Education,
Libraries, Health / Welfare, Protection, Transportation, Recreation,
Churches & Organizations, Business Directory; Postal Zones map
Fold-out map: Township of Hopewell, Showing Status of Roads,
W. E. Rochford, Township Engineer, Drawn 1953, Revision 1962
Extract – Cover, TOC, and intro material, Hopewell Twp map (photos – HPL)
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File – 1963-LoWV-Hopewell-Valley-Intro-HPL.pdf