Pennington Profile – Digital Edition (2022) – O’Connell – Text Only

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Pennington Profile – Digital Edition (2022) – Margaret J. O’Connell – Text Only
Digital Edition of “Pennington Profile, A Capsule of State and Nation” by Margaret J. O’Connell.
Includes the full text and photographs of the original book from 1966 and the second edition from 1986, reformatted as a digital PDF file so it can be shared online and conveniently searched.
Prepared by the Hopewell Valley History Project with the support of the Pennington Public Library.
Original book and photos digitized and processed by Douglas Dixon, with additional layout and proofing by Carol A. Errickson.
Available in three versions:
– Text Only (PDF) – Full text as a smaller download for reading and searching (328 pages, 2 MB)
– Photos Only (PDF) – All the photographs, with searchable annotations (112 pages, 193 photos, 40 MB)
– Full Digital Edition (PDF) – With text and photos (436 pages, 42 MB)
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File – 2022-OConnell-Pennington-Profile-Digital-Edition-Text-PPL.pdf