About the Image Gallery

The Image Gallery contains multiple albums of images organized for different purposes. The Places albums contain a large collection of photos and postcards of individual buildings and streets in the Hopewell Valley region, organized by town. The Hopewell Artwork album features artwork of the local train stations and other landmarks, and the Hopewell Mementos album has images of local mementos and remembrances.

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Some images are scanned / photographed from historic books and postcards (around 1900), and therefore out of copyright in the U.S. Many images were kindly contributed by local authors, photographers, local history enthusiasts, and postcard collectors. See Acknowledgements for contributors.

Thanks also to the Washington Crossing Card Collectors Club (WC4), for bringing together postcard collectors in the Delaware Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Image Gallery – Albums

The Image Galley is organized into multiple albums, containing images of different types and different purposes (and therefore named with different conventions).

The Town albums have a large collection of historic and current-day photos and postcards of buildings and streets in the Hopewell Valley region, organized in individual albums by town: Hopewell Borough, Pennington, Titusville / Washington Crossing, and Hopewell Township.

These images are focused on the building at the associated address; the Hopewell Borough Snapshots sub-album then contains additional family photos that contain historical views of some of these buildings in the background. These also may be copies of particularly interesting town and Memorial Day images in the other albums.

The Town files are named by street address and year for convenient searching and sorting (the names include street name, address number, year, type, and description). This makes it easy to compare images along the same street, at the same address in different years, or from different sources. (These are the same images displayed for the street addresses shown on the Hopewell History Map.)

The Hopewell Borough Town album than contains family photos of events around towns, such as graduations and snowstorms. These files are named by year and event. The Hopewell Borough Memorial Day Parade sub-album then contains family photos of Memorial Day activities and parades, organized by year and contributor / collection. The album also contains documents describing each of the contributed collections.

The Hopewell Artwork album contains a collection of images of artwork featuring the Hopewell and Pennington train stations and other local landmarks, providing a sense of how they were viewed at the time. These are organized by the artist name, with descriptions and dates as known. The album also contains documents (PDF) with information on the collection and the individual artists.

The Hopewell Mementos album contains a collection of images of local mementos and remembrances. These might sometimes be dismissed as ephemera or knickknacks, but still are of cultural or historical interest as relics of their times, with information on local organizations and businesses.

More images of all types are most welcome.

Image Gallery – Explore Files

The Image Gallery is hosted on a separate site. You can browse by Albums, view individual images and slideshows, Search across all albums for a key term in the file name, or use the Advanced Search (in the Links menu) to search in individual albums.

Below is a summary of features, controls, and interlaces for the different types of pages (albums, galleries, slide show, and individual images).

The interface works the same on computer desktops and tablet devices. On smaller smartphone screens, you can use the alternate mobile interface, or switch to the Desktop interface (and increase the image sizes to see the file name captions).


  • Explore albums (by town), and galleries of images (by album, or from search)
  • Search images using multiple strings in the file name
  • View individual images, and step previous / next
  • View images as a slideshow
  • Select desired image size to display (does not scale to fit window)
  • Download original full-size images
  • Click on menus to jump to specific albums or related pages
  • Click on text fields as links to associated gallery, albums, etc.

About Searching

Search for specific images using the information in the file name. Enter one or more strings to match in the name, with a full match or partial matches. Enter a “-” (in quotes) to match at the beginning or end of a field.

  • Search by street name: “Columbia” (or “Delaw” for Delaware Ave.)
  • Search by year: “190” (as a prefix)
  • Search by source: “hhh” book, or combination “hhh Broad”
  • Search for street address with trailing dash: “29- east broad”
  • Search for streetscape views along streets from intersections: “ss_”
  • Use quotes and a leading dash to specify year or address prefixes:
    [“-191”] for 1910’s, [broad “-02”] for addresses in the 20’s

About the Menus

Top Banner

  • “Hopewell Valley History Project – Image Gallery”
  • Click “Hopewell Valley History Project” to return to main site

Menu Bar (Albums and Gallery)

  • Jump to album, documentation, main site – and search
  • Albums – Click to select an album (or “Albums” for the Home Albums page)
    • Menu shows the available albums and associated number of photos
  • Links – Click for related information
    • All Albums – Return to the Home Albums page
    • Advanced Search – Search by multiple terms, in individual albums
    • About the Image Archives – Show the Image Archives page on the main site
    • Main Site – Return to the Hopewell Valley History Project main page
  • Search – Type search text and press Enter
    • Search results page shows gallery of matching images across all albums, with count
    • Enter multiple strings with spaces to match all terms (e.g., “Broad pc 190”)

About the Pages

Albums Page [Home]

  • Show thumbnails of the available albums, with associated number of photos
  • Click an album to view a gallery of its images
    • (Hopewell Boro, Pennington, Titusville / Washington Crossing)
  • Click Display All Photos (3×3 dots on right) to see a gallery of all images in all albums

Gallery Page

  • Show thumbnails of all images in the selected album, or all images, or search results
  • Sorted by file name (e.g., street, number, year, etc.)
  • Heading shows album name and count
    • Click Home to return to Albums page
  • Click a thumbnail to display the page for that image
  • Display icons (right)
    • Click Sort (AZ) to sort in different ways
    • Click Size to select larger or smaller Photo sizes
    • Click Play (triangle) to display a slide show of the image gallery

Slide Show Page

  • Show slide show of consecutive images, or step previous / next
  • Menu bar – Shows image name and number (on right)
    • Click “[stop the slideshow]” to exit
  • Play controls (right)
    • Click Previous / Next arrows for adjacent image, toggle between Play / Pause
  • Click on image – Left / right sides for Previous / Next, top to stop slideshow

Image Page

  • Show individual images – Resize, download, step previous / next, slideshow
  • Menu Bar – Shows album name and image name and number (on right)
    • Click Home or album name to return to album pages
  • Left display icons
    • Click Size to select larger or smaller Photo sizes
    • Click Play (triangle) to display a slide show of the image gallery
    • Click Download (disk) to download the full-size original image
  • Play controls (right)
    • Click Previous/ Next arrows for adjacent image, Up to return to the gallery
  • Details box – (Bottom/side depending on layout) – With file and album name
    • Preview Previous / Next image – Click to display
  • Click on image – Left / right sides for Previous / Next, top to stop slideshow