Hopewell Borough History Briefs

These History Briefs provide historical information and chronologies on Hopewell Borough organizations, businesses, and properties, and the people that made them.

These research reports draw on the materials on this site, plus newspaper archives, deeds, census records, and information from local contributors. These are works in progress, and will be updated with new information as it becomes available. Comments welcome.

2022 History Briefs Compilation

The past three years of History Briefs has been complied together into the Hopewell Borough History Briefs, 2022 Edition, for convenient reading, searching, and printing. These contain some 40 briefs developed over the past two years, plus additional timelines, annotated maps, summaries of the collections, and references.

The Hopewell Borough History Briefs, 2022 Edition, is available in two versions for download (PDF):

  • Full Version – The entire contents of all the briefs – 500 pages

Hopewell Borough History Briefs

Browse the individual History Briefs, and search by title.

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See also the Hopewell Borough Property Reports for briefs on individual properties in Hopewell Borough.