Hopewell Borough History Briefs

Browse the current History Project briefs that report research from the site on Hopewell Borough places and organizations. These are works in progress, and will be updated with new information as it becomes available. Comments welcome.

See also the Property Reports for briefs on individual properties in Hopewell Borough.

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Doc > BriefHwBoro2020Explore Historic Hopewell: Broad & Louellen / Presbyterian Church (2020)brief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020Hopewell Boro History Timeline (2020) – Full Versionbrief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020Hopewell Boro History Timeline (2020) – Summary Versionbrief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020HwBoro Veterans Orgs – American Legion and G.A.R. (2020)brief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020HwBoro Fire Company History (2020)brief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020History of the Hopewell Public Library (2020)brief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020HwBoro Memorial Day – A History (2020)brief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020Seminary Ave History in Hw Boro (2020)brief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020HwBoro Barbers on Seminary Ave (2020)brief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020Hw Boro Train Station Art (2020)brief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2021HwBoro Second Calvary Baptist Church Brief (2021)brief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2021HwBoro Tomato Factory Brief (2021)brief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2021HwBoro Chocolate Factory Brief (2021)brief dochwboro