Hopewell Borough History Timeline

So when was the Hopewell train station built? What were the two railroads that were involved in the Frog War? When did the elementary school open? Where was the first public library located? When did Hopewell get a post office, telegraph service, and electric service?

Whether you’re big into trivia contests, or want to resolve a historic question, we have a handy cheat sheet for you — the Hopewell Borough History Timeline. This provides a chronology of key events in the history of Hopewell Borough, with related events in the region and the U.S.

As a bonus, the timeline is available in two versions:

  • Summary version, with key events (PDF) – 89 entries, 3 pages
  • Full version, with lots more detail  (PDF) – 324 entries, 12 pages in smaller type
Summary version and Full version

Besides including many more entries, the Full version also adds fields to annotate the entries for searching:

  • Locale (NJ, Cty, Twp, town, etc.)
  • Keyword (School, Church, Library, Railroad, FireDept)

And it adds fields to provide the source reference for that entry:

  • Reference – Source (name)
  • Page (link, etc.)

Now the caveats: This is a work in progress, with entries compiled from multiple sources. Some of this information may well be incomplete or inaccurate.

In particular, the Full version can have multiple entries for the same event from different sources, and may contain conflicting information or dates between entries.

So additions, corrections, and suggestions are welcome, as are extensions to the full Hopewell Valley.

Hopewell Borough History Timeline – Summary Version

Key events in the history of Hopewell Borough (click above for Full version, or to view on mobile)

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