Hopewell 1965 and Railroad Place

This wonderful view down Railroad Place in Hopewell seems so familiar – with the Chocolate Factory and then J. B. Hill & Sons to the right and the Tomato Factory at the end of the street. But this photo actually captures a long-lost streetscape, including two buildings that were destroyed by arson, and the railroad … Continue reading Hopewell 1965 and Railroad Place

Remembering Soupe du Jour

The Soupe du Jour restaurant was a beloved Hopewell fixture for 35 years. It was founded at the Tomato Factory Antiques Center in 1972 by Valerie Hartshorne and Frad Young, and moved the following year to 10 East Broad Street at Blackwell Avenue. Patty Phillips then took over the business from 1980 to 2007. The … Continue reading Remembering Soupe du Jour

Hopewell Valley Brickyards

The Hopewell Valley is blessed with some wonderful and impressive (and solid) brick buildings. But where did all those bricks came from, especially for construction around 1900, with delivery by horse and wagon? It turns out that the Hopewell Valley area did have some local brickyards, including near Lambertville and in Hopewell Borough. We can … Continue reading Hopewell Valley Brickyards

June 2021 Update – Welcome to Hopewell

The July updates on the Hopewell Valley History Project site wrapped up the coverage of Industrial Hopewell: Railroad Place with the online webinar presentation and posting of the presentation slides. This was followed by some fun local history of Hopewell Borough. By the numbers, we finished the month with 228 files in the Archives, including … Continue reading June 2021 Update – Welcome to Hopewell

The Game of Hopewell

It’s The Game of Hopewell! This Monopoly-like board game is from the 1985 Hopewell Community Day, and features Hopewell Borough institutions and businesses on the spaces around the edge of the board. You start at the Elementary School corner, and then the other corners have the Borough Hall & Fire House (Tax!) and the Mini … Continue reading The Game of Hopewell

“Welcome to Hopewell Borough” Signs

“Welcome to Hopewell Borough” – Have you noticed these signs as you drive into town? There are actually five signs, installed in 2014 on each of the entry points into Hopewell – from the four compass points (East and West Broad, North Greenwood, and (south) Princeton Ave.), plus the bonus diagonal from Louellen. The Welcome … Continue reading “Welcome to Hopewell Borough” Signs

Industrial Hopewell – Webinar Video

The webinar video for the Industrial Hopewell: Railroad Place online presentation held on June 10, 2021 has been posted for viewing, courtesy of the Hopewell Branch of the Mercer County Library, which co-sponsored the talk with the Hopewell Valley Historical Society, The Hopewell Museum, and the Hopewell Public Library. See the References post for other … Continue reading Industrial Hopewell – Webinar Video

Industrial Hopewell – Presentation Slides

The presentation slides for the Industrial Hopewell: Railroad Place online webinar have been posted for viewing. == View the Presentation slides (PDF): Industrial Hopewell – Railroad Place == See the References post for other associated Industrial Hopewell material, including the presentation slides, tour handout, associated briefs for the individual properties, slide shows, and associated Hopewell … Continue reading Industrial Hopewell – Presentation Slides

May 2021 Update – Industrial Hopewell

The May updates on the Hopewell Valley History Project site supported Hopewell Valley Heritage Week in the Valley, and continued to focus on Railroad Place in Hopewell Borough for the Industrial Hopewell walking tours and the upcoming online virtual tour of Railroad Place. By the numbers, we finished the month with 225 files in the … Continue reading May 2021 Update – Industrial Hopewell

Hot Scoop at Chubby’s

A now-historic ice cream scoop has been returned to the Rose and Chubby’s building by Bob Witkowski (aka Mr. Haircut) and Sal Torre. The scoop goes back to the 1950s, when it was used at the store that was then owned by Jimmy and Marie Hall. Jimmy also loaned the scoop to the American Legion … Continue reading Hot Scoop at Chubby’s