Town Pamphlets Collection

Thanks to the people and organizations who continue to contributing material to this site, we have needed to add a new section to the site – the Town Pamphlets Collection. This includes scans of leaflets and pamphlets distributed by local municipalities and organizations within the last 40-some years. == Browse the Town Pamphlets Collection (separate … Continue reading Town Pamphlets Collection

New – Hopewell Valley Places and Town Maps

The new Hopewell Valley Places page provides direct links to images, Historic Town Maps, and information available for our four major communities – Hopewell Township, Hopewell Borough, and Pennington Borough – plus Titusville / Washington Crossing (admittedly an “unincorporated community,” but large enough to separate out since we have several historic maps and a plethora … Continue reading New – Hopewell Valley Places and Town Maps

Hopewell Area Cultural Resource Surveys

Are you interested in historic sites, streets, and buildings in the Hopewell Valley? Maybe our new collection of over 2700 pages on over 1000 local sites could help! (Search in the Book Archives for “Cultural Resource Survey” for the full list.) The N. J. Historic Preservation Office has just completed digitizing five Cultural Resource surveys … Continue reading Hopewell Area Cultural Resource Surveys