New 1964 Panoramas, and Collections

We’ve added new 1964 aerial images – from the year the Beatles took America by storm. This project expanded into developing a new Aerial Panorama Viewer for exploring them (including panning and zooming into the images), which then grew into extending the simple Collections Viewer interface to support the other History Project collections. New 1964 … Continue reading New 1964 Panoramas, and Collections

1932 (Lindbergh) Hopewell Phone Directory

So who was where in Hopewell, when, and doing what?  We have some annotated maps that help with this (see previous post), and some business directories. And now, as a result of the Lindbergh case (see companion post on our fascination with Lindbergh), we have a 1932 phone directory for Hopewell and the surrounding area … Continue reading 1932 (Lindbergh) Hopewell Phone Directory

Our Fascination with Lindbergh

What is it about the Lindbergh case that so fascinates us, almost ninety years later? And what was it about this drama that caused such a media circus at the time? Mark Falzini, Archivist at the New Jersey State Police Museum, wrote about this enduring mystery in his 2006 report, “Studying the Lindbergh Case: A … Continue reading Our Fascination with Lindbergh

January 2021 Update – Hopewell Landmarks

The January updates on the Hopewell Valley History Project site included explorations of several historic Hopewell landmarks, through newly-contributed family photos and the History Project collections. There are also some new enhancements to the site, included extended Image Galleries, built-in Pan/Zoom for exploring images in the History Map, and a new Property Report viewer for … Continue reading January 2021 Update – Hopewell Landmarks

December 2020 Update –

The December updates on the Hopewell Valley History Project site focused on providing convenient access to the materials on the site for new visitors from a talk and video. Other items include: History Project Site Index page and Town Index pages Hopewell Borough History Briefs page – History Project briefs Historical Maps index page and … Continue reading December 2020 Update –

The “Frog War” in Hopewell

So what’s all this about a “Frog War” in Hopewell? And why does the frog seem to be the unofficial mascot of Hopewell Borough? The Hopewell Elementary School has a frog mascot, and the Hopewell Harvest Fair has a “Find Freddie [the Frog]” contest. And you’ll see the frog theme on the weathervane on the … Continue reading The “Frog War” in Hopewell

History Project Talk on YouTube

The Pennington Public Library has begun posting videos of the many Zoom presentations that they have hosted over the past months. These include the Hopewell Valley History Project presentation from May 17, 2020, “Discover Hopewell Valley History from Home.” The presentation features a case study of using the materials from the History Project site to … Continue reading History Project Talk on YouTube

Sharing Information on the Web: The Hopewell Valley History Project

by Douglas DixonTuesday, December 8, 2020, 7 pmPrinceton Macintosh Users GroupWebinar via Zoom If you’re interested in local history, this talk will provide an overview of the Hopewell Valley History Project, explain how the site is organized, and show how you can use the different elements to explore your interests in local places and history. … Continue reading Sharing Information on the Web: The Hopewell Valley History Project

November 2020 Update – Mementos

The November updates on the Hopewell Valley History Project site featured new a new Mementos gallery, a new Hopewell Boro map, a look at Hopewell area high school activities in 1930 / 1940, and the mystery of the Hopewell Bottling Company. Other items include: 1950 Hopewell Election Ballot in Municipal Pamphlets Six additional brochures in … Continue reading November 2020 Update – Mementos

September 2020 Update

Hopewell Valley History Project site updates for the month of September were focused on Hopewell artworks, with the new Hopewell Train Station Art Gallery, and on historic walking tour brochures, with an updated interface for the Pamphlet Collection. By the numbers, we finished the month with 180 files in the Archives, including 77 documents and … Continue reading September 2020 Update