About the Hopewell History Collections

View the Town Pamphlets Collection (separate site) –

The Town Pamphlets Collection includes scans of leaflets and pamphlets distributed by local municipalities and organizations within the last 40-some years (e.g., “ephemera”). These are typically short informational handouts that capture interesting information on towns and businesses and people. See the Books Archive for longer-form historical material.

The Collections Viewer web application is designed to explore this collection of miscellaneous pamphlets. The materials are organized by town (e.g., HwBoro, PennBoro, HwTwp) and category, and the files are named beginning with the date for convenient sorting and searching.

There are currently over 100 files in the collection, in 6 categories across 3 towns. The collection categories are:

  • HwBoro Harvest Fair Brochures, over 30 years
  • House Tour brochures including the HVHS and HPL
  • Events materials including town Centennial pamphlets
  • Municipal materials including 125th Anniversary programs
  • Organization materials from business association, churches, libraries, fire dept. and the like
  • Veterans/Legion materials including Post events

The Collections Viewer app provides several different ways to browse the files. You can browse the collection hierarchically by folders – either by Town and then nested Categories, or by Category and then Towns. Or you can browse All Files – all in one table with columns listing the associated category and town. The files then are displayed with thumbnails – just click to display the associated PDF file in a new window.

The Collections Viewer is designed to be used in standard Web browsers (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge). The interface is designed for use on computer displays and on mobile tablet devices. The display automatically adapts so that it is still usable when run in smaller windows and on smartphone screens (all the controls are available in the menu).

Browse By Folders

To browse the collection hierarchically by folders, click the “By Category” (default) or “By Town” buttons (or select from the menu). Then click in the table to select the first-level folder to view (category / town), and then click to select the nested second-level folder to view (the associated town / category). This displays the files for that grouping – then click a file name to view the associated PDF file.

As you browse the folders, the heading updates to show the current position in the folder tree, and the number of entries at that level. To move back up to the parent folder, click the Up-Arrow button.

These two different nested folder structures are provided as a convenience, as alternate ways to get at the same information. You can select the same pair in either order to see the same resulting files (e.g., both House-Tours/HwTwp and HwTwp/House-Tours show the same results).

Browse All Files

To browse all the files in the collection together in one table, click the “All Files” button (or select from the menu). This also adds columns listing the associated category and town for each file, which you can use to sort and search the table.

Table Controls

The table uses the same interface as the Property table in the Hopewell History Map.

  • Click anywhere on a row to select a folder to view (folder icon), or to view the associated file in a new window (thumbnail).
  • Click in a column header to sort its entries alternately ascending/descending (indicated by an up/down arrow). Shift-click to sort another column within the current selections.
  • Use the column menu to filter the column values by searching for specific text (hover to the right of the column header on a desktop, or press and hold in the column header on mobile). For example, in the Name column, enter “125th” to display 125th Anniversary files across all the displayed towns.