Hopewell Valley Panoramic Aerials

Panoramic AerialsHopewell BoroPennington BoroHopewell Township

Explore aerial and panoramic imagery of Hopewell Borough, Pennington Borough, and Hopewell Township.

Explore the available panoramas using the Panorama Collection Viewer, which lists the available files, organized by date, town, and category. These include this aerial imagery, as well as street-level 180- and 360-degree panoramas.

The large panorama images are segmented into titles for fast panning and zooming into the scene, using the same pan/zoom viewer as the Image Panel in the History Map.

See also:

Hopewell Borough

  • Hopewell Inn 360° and 180° street panoramas, 2022
  • 180 degree pans from drone, April 2020
  • Airplance aerials, 1972, 1966
  • Mercer County Tercentenary aerials, 1964
  • Lindbergh case aerials, April/May 1932
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Pennington Borough

  • South Main and West Delaware aerials, c. 1996
  • Mercer County Tercentenary aerials, 1964
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Hopewell Township

  • Mercer County Tercentenary aerials, 1964
  • Marshall’s Corner Aerials, 1992
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