Panoramic Aerials – Hopewell Borough

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Explore aerial panoramas of Hopewell Borough:
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  • 180 degree pans from drone, April 2020
  • Downtown aerials, April 1932 – Lindbergh
  • From Mt. Rose, May 1932 – Lindbergh route

Hopewell Boro Panoramic Aerials – April 2020

Aerial panoramas looking over Hopewell from six different points along the town, west to east. These are 180 degree views from side to side, with streets visible end to end, close-ups in the center area, and stretching off to the horizon in the distance. Most were shot at a height of 200 to 400 feet.

West Broad St. at Mercer St. looking North
(Broad St. end to end, past the Old Baptist Church and cemetery)
Above the Castle looking Northeast
(North Greenwood Ave. from Highland Cemetery past the Train Station)
Above the Castle looking East
(North Greenwood Ave. and Broad St. to Mercer St.)
East Broad St. at Princeton Ave. looking West
(from Princeton Ave. to East to West Broad St. to Hamilton Av.)  
East Broad St. / East Prospect St. at Elm Ave. looking West
(from the Elementary School and St. Alphonsus to Hopewell Village Square) 

These images were shot by Jin Wu, professional photographer and licensed drone pilot –

Hopewell Boro Aerials – April 1932 – Lindbergh

Two aerial views of Hopewell Borough, photographed in March 1932, immediately after the Lindbergh kidnapping. Both are oblique views – One closer up on the downtown looking northwest over the area between East Broad and Greenwood, and the second looking northeast over the west side of town and into the distance.

Downtown view looking northwest
(from East Broad to the railroad bridge)
The center is the area north of East Broad between Hamilton and Greenwood to the railroad tracks. The area east of Hamilton is almost empty of development.
Hopewell Boro looking northeast
(from West Broad and Louellen crossing the train tracks, to Greenwood crossing Broad)
Farms surround the town and continue off in the distance to the horizon

Thanks to Sam Castoro for finding and sharing these images.

Hopewell Boro From Mt. Rose – May 1932 – Lindbergh Path

Aerial image of Hopewell and the surrounding area, annotated with the route from the Lindbergh house to Mount Rose, where the child’s body was found (bottom center).

The view is facing north from Mt. Rose, with all the open fields around the area, and the streets and houses of the town in the distance. Most obvious on the south side of the town are the St. Michael’s property and the Elementary School (built in 1926).

Thanks to local historian Jim Davidson for the Lindbergh era images.