Panoramic Aerials – Hopewell Township

Panoramic AerialsHopewell BoroPennington Boro Hopewell Township

Explore aerial panoramas of Hopewell Township:
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  • Mercer County Tercentenary aerials, 1964

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Mercer County Tercentenary aerials, 1964

Aerials of Hopewell Township, Hopewell Borough, and Pennington Borough from Mercer County – Tercentenary – 1664 – 1964, by the Mercer County Tercentenary Commission, 1964.

  • Hopewell Township looking northeast from Washington Crossing
  • Hopewell Borough looking west over the town, with the new Taylor Terrace development
  • Pennington Borough looking north as Route 69 (now 31) crosses the railroad tracks

Thanks to Dick and Hope Sudlow for sharing these and many more materials.