Hopewell Valley History Project

A volunteer effort to collect, digitize, organize, and share the history of the Hopewell Valley in Mercer County, New Jersey.

== Latest Update: Discovering Hopewell History – Photos from 1939 ==
== Presentation Wed. 7/6/22 – Discovering Local History Online: Seminary Ave. ==

Recent Presentations: References for the Seminary Avenue Historic Walking Tour
Hopewell Train StationsIndustrial Hopewell: Railroad Place
History Project book: Hopewell Borough History Briefs, 2020 – 2021 Edition

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The Hopewell Valley History Project is a volunteer effort to collect and organize the important sources of our local heritage in digital form, and share them online for open and convenient access.

We are posting curated copies of materials already in digital format, including historic ebooks and scanned maps, and also seeking out paper documents and images to manually photograph and scan for the site.

Visit the Site Index to explore the organization of the site by different types of materials. Scroll down for previews of the major sections of the site.

Site Organization (scroll down for an overview of each section):

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Help share our local history with the community – for more information, email info@hopewellhistoryproject.org.

  • Collect and organize historical material on interesting topics
  • Digitize and transcribe historical materials
  • Write summaries on important people, places, houses, etc.

Hopewell Valley Places – Indexes By Municipality

See Hopewell Valley Places for quick links to information on this site for specific local communities – Hopewell Borough, Pennington Borough, Titusville / Washington Crossing, and Hopewell Township – including images, property documents, maps, and related materials.

Hopewell History Map – Properties and Images

The interactive Hopewell History Map provides a map interface for exploring information and images on historical properties in Hopewell Borough.

Browse the street addresses in the Map or Table, and click a property to view the available information in the other panels, including photo and postcard views in the Info Panel, and documentation on selected properties.

The Image Gallery is focused on photos and postcards of buildings and streets for each of the towns in the Hopewell Valley region. It also includes albums on Artwork and Photography collections, Memorial Day Parades, and Mementos.

The town files are named by street address and year for convenient searching and sorting – and to compare images along the same street, at the same address in different years, or from different sources.

Pamphlet Collection – Local Organizations

The Pamphlet Collection includes scans of leaflets and pamphlets distributed by local municipalities and organizations within the last 40-some years (e.g., “ephemera”). These are typically short informational handouts that capture interesting information on towns and businesses and people. See the Books Archive for longer-form historical material.

Reference Guides

The Books and Maps Reference Guides include several types of printable guides (PDF), including Galleries with images and catalogs of available sources and materials, Chronologies with listings of all the materials in the archives with additional information, and Sources Guides with references for further investigation.

Book and Map Archives – Tables of Resources

The Book and Map Archives contain copies of the available resource files for convenient browsing. Browse all materials, or specific types:

  • Full Archives – All Document and Map materials
  • Document Archives – Historic documents, including books and pamphlets, back to the early 1900’s (large PDFs)
  • Map Archives – Maps of the Hopewell Valley region, including historic maps covering the region, municipal maps (e.g., tax and zoning), and other formats.

Recent Blog Posts – Site Updates

Searchable listing of all Blog posts with updates on new additions.