Hopewell Valley Town References

This is a list of the key reference books to consult for historical information on Hopewell Valley places, buildings, and people, with direct links to the documents and more information about them.

See the Reference Guides for more detailed printable reference guides to historical material on Hopewell Valley history, including galleries with images and catalogs of sources and materials.

Hopewell Valley References

These references are grouped by type and places. Almost all are now available on the History Project site, although a few links reference other sources.

  • Click the document name to view it (posted in PDF format for convenient reading and downloading).
  • Click the Info column to read an associated post with more information on the reference.

The documents have been scanned from the original, and then had text recognition run on them so they can be searched. In some cases (marked “Extract”), the original text and images also have been extracted and edited from the original document into a more readable and searchable format. In these cases, see the Info link to view the original document.