Hopewell Area Cultural Resource Surveys

Are you interested in historic sites, streets, and buildings in the Hopewell Valley? Maybe our new collection of over 2700 pages on over 1000 local sites could help! (Search in the Book Archives for “Cultural Resource Survey” for the full list.)

The N. J. Historic Preservation Office has just completed digitizing five Cultural Resource surveys (aka Historic Sites surveys) of the Hopewell area, with documentation on individual historic buildings and streets in Hopewell Township, Hopewell Borough, and Pennington Borough:

The base 1985 survey includes documentation on historic sites up to 1875, with discussions of their history and architecture, and associated photographs. The later follow-up surveys then add new information, particularly to aid in registering our historic landmarks.

We also have added two additional documents to help make sense of this incredible volume of material, with an overview of the contents of each survey and indexes to the included sites:

We have run text recognition on these PDF documents so they are searchable, although be aware that the processing of these old typewritten documents is not exact, and therefore some of the text has not been identified correctly.

We welcome volunteers to do a more complete job of indexing the Pennington Borough and Hopewell Township materials.


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