Hopewell Boro Aerials from 1932

We have two wonderful new aerial views of Hopewell Borough, photographed in March 1932, immediately after the Lindbergh kidnapping. Both are oblique views – One closer up on the downtown looking northwest over the area between East Broad and Greenwood, and the second looking northeast over the west side of town and into the distance.

== View the Hopewell Borough Aerial Panoramas ==

The downtown view (image) is looking northwest, from East Broad up to the railroad bridge.

The center is the area north of East Broad between Hamilton and Greenwood to the railroad tracks. The area east of Hamilton is almost empty of development.

The broader view of the town (image) is looking northeast, from West Broad and Louellen crossing the train tracks to Greenwood crossing Broad.

Farms surround the town and continue off in the distance to the horizon.

These aerials are posted in two versions: the original scan from the old photographs for reference, and a grayscale version enhanced by tweaking the contrast and sharpness.

Thanks to Sam Castoro for finding and sharing these.

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