Sources and assistance for these materials collected on this site have been contributed by organizations including the Hopewell Public Library (HPL), Hopewell Museum (HM), Hopewell Valley Historical Society (HVHS), Hopewell Calvary Baptist Church (CBC), Hopewell Presbyterian Church (HPC), Hopewell American Legion Post 339 (AL339), Hopewell Borough, Hopewell Township, New Jersey State Library (NJSL), New Jersey State Archives (NJSA), New Jersey Historic Preservation Office (NJHPO), and the Washington Crossing Card Collectors Club (WC4).

Thanks also to the following individuals who have contributed materials, information, and support to this site. (Files are tagged with the initials of the contributors / source, as shown.)

Books and Documents

  • Bob Gantz (RDG) for images and information from his family photo collection, and support of posting the Betty Gantz manuscript, Hopewell’s Past.
  • Rick Porter (RP) for contributing several cultural resource studies, other local research, and ongoing expertise.
  • Nancy Kennedy (NBK), the N. J. Council for the Social Studies, and Margaret Crocco for support of posting two Women’s Suffrage publications, Reclaiming Lost Ground and the N. J. Election returns for the 1915 N. J. woman suffrage referendum.
  • Jim Davidson (JGD) for preserving the Dean Ashton manuscript, Hopewell Academy, now also archived at the Hopewell Museum. And for contributing photos of Hopewell from the Lindbergh events.
  • Janet Riemer for information and materials on the Hopewell Calvary Baptist Church (CBC).
  • Kurt Jones for support of posting A Stroll Through Historic Hopewell by Audrey Jones (AJJ).
  • Ian Burrow, Burrow Into History (BIH), for information, materials, and images particularly related to the Hopewell Presbyterian Church.
  • Bob Lawless (RML) for information on local railroads and other materials.
  • Robert Witkowski (RDW) for a cornucopia of materials for the Hopewell Boro pamphlet collection and related to the American Legion Post.
  • Tom Ogren (TO) for the Pennington 125th Historic House Tour booklet.
  • Lois Grieves (LLG) and Michelle Lechnou (ML) for additional missing Harvest Fair almanacs.
  • Jack Koeppel (JLK) for the Pennington Walking Tour Guide and ongoing expertise.
  • Chuck Aston and family for permission to scan and share Be It Ever So Humble by Dean Ashton (DHA)
  • Carol Kehoe (CLK) for the Hopewell Fire Department 50th booklet, and ongoing expertise.
  • John Kilbride (JJK) for material and information on the Mercer & Somerset Railroad, including aerial images.
  • Sheila Fields (SIF) for material and information on Mount Rose.
  • Max Hayden (MJH) for material and information on Mount Rose.
  • Mark Falzini for materials on Lindbergh and the New Jersey State Police Museum (NJSPM).



  • Roberta Mayer (RM), author of 1909 Hopewell, New Jersey: One‐Hundred Years Later (Blurb, 2009), for contributing images from the original 1909 Hopewell booklet, plus corresponding photos of the same buildings in 2009. And for contributing images of the George Stave paintings.
  • Carol and Bob Meszaros (MZ) for contributing Hopewell Borough postcards scanned from their extensive collection, that features Hopewell Valley and Titusville.
  • Steve Cohen (SC) for contributing many postcards scanned from his collection that focuses on real image postcards from Pennsylvania and into New Jersey.
  • Dick and Hope Sudlow (DHS) for ongoing support and information, and for contributing a wide variety of images of Hopewell Borough and other local materials.
  • Ann and Tom Johnson (ATJ) for ongoing support and images
  • Irene Wildgrube (WG) for contributing postcards of Hopewell Borough, Pennington, and Titusville scanned from her collection.
  • Jean Harrington (JH) for contributing Hopewell Borough postcards scanned from her collection.
  • Bill Frenchu (WF) for contributing Hopewell Borough postcards from his collection, scanned by Jack Koeppel.
  • Maryanna Twomey (MAT) for contributing family photos of Memorial Day parades and other images around Hopewell Borough.
  • Andree Wyckoff (AW) for contributing photos of Hopewell Memorial Day parades from the 1960s.
  • Terry Devlin (TD) for contributing photos of past Hopewell Memorial Day parades, 1961 – 1976.
  • Erika Neary (EN) for contributing the Hopewell Station print by FINAN.
  • Robert Warznak (RSW, RW) for contributing materials including the Pennington Borough Aerials, Anne Gross images, and Pennington plates.
  • George Hall (GH) for contributing the Ranulph Bye Hopewell train station print.
  • Emily Walden Beaston (EWB) for contributing information on E. B. Walden and images of local Gray’s Watercolors.
  • Meg & Beth Asaro (MBA) for contributing information on Salvatore Asaro and images of his work
  • Wilda McConaughy for contributing information on and images from Gray’s Watercolors.
  • Bill Metcalf (WM) for contributing the image of the William Hankinson print
  • Dan Pace (DP) contributing Anne Gross images
  • Ken McIndoe for contributing images of his paintings
  • Peter Gantz (PHG) for contributing extensive family photos of past Memorial Parades and other events
  • Benny Taormina (BAT) for contributing information on Leigh’s service station and the Calvary Baptist plate
  • Alantha Carter (ACC) for contributing Hopewell Savings and Loan and other fun mementos
  • Jeff McCandless (JMC) for contributing a variety of historic images around Hopewell
  • Mary Ann Browning (MAB) of the Hopewell Tomato Factory Antiques Center for contributing artifacts of the Hopewell Valley Canning Company
  • Roger Labaw (REL) for contributing historic photos around Hopewell Borough
  • Jacob Aungst (JA) for contributing images of a Hopewell Dainties sign
  • Joe Klett (JRK) for much information and images of Van Steeg’s store (Chubby’s)
  • Nancy Kennedy (NBK) for images of Chubby’s