Town Pamphlets Collection

Thanks to the people and organizations who continue to contributing material to this site, we have needed to add a new section to the site – the Town Pamphlets Collection. This includes scans of leaflets and pamphlets distributed by local municipalities and organizations within the last 40-some years.

== Browse the Town Pamphlets Collection (separate site) ==

These are typically short informational handouts that capture interesting information on out local towns and businesses and people (sometimes called “ephemera”). Meanwhile, the Books Archive continues to be the repository for longer-form historical research material.

Then to browse and view these materials, the new Collections Viewer web application allows you to explore the collections by town (e.g., HwBoro, PennBoro, HwTwp) and category, or simply view all the files in one table.

There are currently over 50 (now 100) files in the collection, in 5 (now 6) categories across the 3 towns. The collection categories are:

  • (Now plus Hopewell Harvest Fair Almanacs)
  • House Tour brochures including from the HVHS and HPL
  • Municipal materials including 125th Anniversary programs
  • Events materials including town Centennial pamphlets
  • Organization materials from the business association, churches, libraries, fire dept., etc.
  • Veterans/Legion materials including Post events

See About the Collections for more on the collection and using the Viewer.

And, of course, we welcome additional materials of all types!

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