“Pole Farm” History – 1929 – 1975

The “Pole Farm” at Mercer Meadows got its name from the thousands of tall radio antenna poles that were installed on the site to provide telephone service across the Atlantic to Europe and to South America. The over 800-acre site, then known as AT&T’s Lawrenceville Transmitting Center, operated from 1929 until 1975. Thanks to several … Continue reading “Pole Farm” History – 1929 – 1975

Yard Sailing for Local History

It’s Hopewell Borough’s annual Town-Wide Yard Sale weekend, Saturday and Sunday, June 11 & 12. So as you clear out the attic and browse the sales – this weekend and this summer – please be on the lookout for historic artifacts that we can preserve and share here on the History Project site. Here are … Continue reading Yard Sailing for Local History

1900 & 1914 Hopewell Progress Editions

We are very fortunate that our predecessors in Hopewell Borough wrote down and published the stories of their times. For example, we have Ralph Ege’s Pioneers of Old Hopewell book of local history (1908), several booklets promoting the town as a place for potential businesses and residents (1897 & 1909 – see below), and, of … Continue reading 1900 & 1914 Hopewell Progress Editions

Rockwell Artifacts and Photos

Thanks to Rich Anderson we have some interesting artifacts and photos from the Rockwell plant in Hopewell – where both his father and grandfather worked, along with hundreds of others. These materials span from the 1940s up to 1974, when Rockwell closed the Hopewell facility. These include a Rockwell taxi meter and parachute quick release, … Continue reading Rockwell Artifacts and Photos

December 2021 Update – Hopewell or Not

The December updates to the Hopewell Valley History Project site included historical photos of snowy views around the valley, the Hopewell train station, and some possibly false images around the area. Plus a 1924 high school program packed with ads for local businesses, and New York Times articles published directly after the Hopewell Frog War. … Continue reading December 2021 Update – Hopewell or Not

1924 Hopewell High School Program and Ads

If you’re interested in families and businesses from a century ago, then check out this December 1924 program for the annual Hopewell High School senior class play. The program lists some 23 names of student performers – plus has 59 small ads for local businesses in Hopewell, Pennington, and Ringoes. == View the full 1924 … Continue reading 1924 Hopewell High School Program and Ads

Hopewell Township Historic Sites

Do you know the many historic sites in our Hopewell Valley? The Hopewell Township Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) has helped spread the word by publishing two sets of bookmarks describing local historic properties. The HPC published these in two sets, with sixteen bookmarks done in 2004, and a second set of eight in 2020 (with … Continue reading Hopewell Township Historic Sites

The Game of Hopewell

It’s The Game of Hopewell! This Monopoly-like board game is from the 1985 Hopewell Community Day, and features Hopewell Borough institutions and businesses on the spaces around the edge of the board. You start at the Elementary School corner, and then the other corners have the Borough Hall & Fire House (Tax!) and the Mini … Continue reading The Game of Hopewell

New 1964 Panoramas, and Collections

We’ve added new 1964 aerial images – from the year the Beatles took America by storm. This project expanded into developing a new Aerial Panorama Viewer for exploring them (including panning and zooming into the images), which then grew into extending the simple Collections Viewer interface to support the other History Project collections. New 1964 … Continue reading New 1964 Panoramas, and Collections

Explore Mount Rose

This week we’re celebrating Mount Rose, due to the kindness of Sheila Fields, Max Hayden, and Richard Hunter in sharing important material including local histories, preservation efforts, and documentation of the historic Mount Rose Distillery and Mount Rose General Store. See the Mount Rose History Brief for more on the historic village of Mount Rose … Continue reading Explore Mount Rose