Hopewell Grammar School Kids – c1912

These first two images from around 1912 show the view from the Lincoln Grammar School on Model Avenue in Hopewell, as photographed by Ethel Holeman, a new teacher starting her career there. These are from the collection of her daughter, Eleanora McAlinden Kolbert. (See previous post on the Skillman General Store and Post Office). But … Continue reading Hopewell Grammar School Kids – c1912

Hopewell Elementary School 1952

Part of our Pamphlet Collection is a growing category of pamphlets from local schools, including the original Hopewell High School from the 1890s to 1920s (now the firehouse), and then Central High School from the 1930s. These include yearbooks, graduation programs, and programs for class plays. And now, courtesy of Roger Labaw, we have the … Continue reading Hopewell Elementary School 1952

The Timberlane School Name

In the recent post about Hopewell School Mascots, we discussed the interesting names of some of our local schools, including Toll Gate (named for the gatekeeper of the toll road) and Bear Tavern (named for a revolutionary-era drinking establishment). But where did the “Timberlane” name came from? Nicole Gianfredi, principal of Timberlane Middle School, kindly … Continue reading The Timberlane School Name

Hopewell School Mascots – and the Frog

Bulldogs, Timber Wolves, Bears, Frogs, All-Stars, and Alligators, oh my! These are the mascots of the schools of our Hopewell Valley Regional School District. Some of the schools use official logos that pretty much ignore the mascots, like Bear Tavern and Toll Gate, while others like Central High and Timberlane and Hopewell go all-in on … Continue reading Hopewell School Mascots – and the Frog

1924 Hopewell High School Program and Ads

If you’re interested in families and businesses from a century ago, then check out this December 1924 program for the annual Hopewell High School senior class play. The program lists some 23 names of student performers – plus has 59 small ads for local businesses in Hopewell, Pennington, and Ringoes. == View the full 1924 … Continue reading 1924 Hopewell High School Program and Ads

The Confusing Hopewell Firehouse (and Boro Hall and High School)

This could be the most confusing building in Hopewell Borough – The current firehouse and former Borough Hall on the corner of Columbia Avenue and South Greenwood Avenue (2-4 Columbia Avenue). Yes, these three images are the same building – The tall three-story High School built in 1910, the squat two-story Borough Hall renovated in … Continue reading The Confusing Hopewell Firehouse (and Boro Hall and High School)

Hopewell High Schools in the 1920s

What was it like to graduate from high school in the Roaring Twenties, or in the midst of the Great Depression? Here are a couple hints from Hopewell High School in 1924 and 1926, and from Central High School in Pennington in 1932. First, we have two small leather-bound books from 1924 and 1926 with … Continue reading Hopewell High Schools in the 1920s

Hopewell High School Yearbook – 1917

Happy Graduation season! Of course it’s been a bit off this year, but thanks to the diligence of the Sudlows in collecting historical materials we have an interesting comparison – the 1917 “Blue and Gold” yearbook from Hopewell High School. The book is a delight, with fun sections including the Class Yell, Class Motto, Class … Continue reading Hopewell High School Yearbook – 1917