Hopewell Photographs by Gary Saretzky

Gary Saretzky has kindly shared his collection of black and white photographs of Hopewell Borough from 1978 to 1980, which also conveniently provide a record of the buildings and businesses of the time. UPDATE – 9/15/21 – Added 7 more Hopewell photographs from Gary Saretzky == See the Hopewell Artwork album in the Image Galley … Continue reading Hopewell Photographs by Gary Saretzky

March 2021 Update – Hopewell & Mercer

The March updates on the Hopewell Valley History Project site included reports on the Second Calvary Baptist Church of Hopewell and the Hopewell Tomato Factory, photos of Tomato Factory artifacts and the back of the Chocolate Factory, new Hopewell Borough 1972 Aerials, and the full 1964 Mercer County Tercentenary booklet. By the numbers, we finished … Continue reading March 2021 Update – Hopewell & Mercer

Mercer County Tercentenary, 1664-1964

In 1964, Mercer County celebrated the “300th Anniversary of New Jersey” with a wonderful commemorative book, Mercer County Tercentenary 1664-1964, which provides a broad snapshot of the time, with extensive discussions of the history, current status, and path forward for the county – from a rather optimistic and positive perspective. This book is in the … Continue reading Mercer County Tercentenary, 1664-1964

The Second Calvary Baptist Church of Hopewell

Thanks to discussions with local historian Elaine Buck, we have assembled the story of the Second Calvary Baptist Church in Hopewell. The Church that we know was built in 1959, and is the anchor of eastern end of Columbia Avenue at the corner of Maple Street. But, as we have come to expect with Hopewell … Continue reading The Second Calvary Baptist Church of Hopewell

New 1964 Panoramas, and Collections

We’ve added new 1964 aerial images – from the year the Beatles took America by storm. This project expanded into developing a new Aerial Panorama Viewer for exploring them (including panning and zooming into the images), which then grew into extending the simple Collections Viewer interface to support the other History Project collections. New 1964 … Continue reading New 1964 Panoramas, and Collections

1932 (Lindbergh) Hopewell Phone Directory

So who was where in Hopewell, when, and doing what?  We have some annotated maps that help with this (see previous post), and some business directories. And now, as a result of the Lindbergh case (see companion post on our fascination with Lindbergh), we have a 1932 phone directory for Hopewell and the surrounding area … Continue reading 1932 (Lindbergh) Hopewell Phone Directory

Our Fascination with Lindbergh

What is it about the Lindbergh case that so fascinates us, almost ninety years later? And what was it about this drama that caused such a media circus at the time? Mark Falzini, Archivist at the New Jersey State Police Museum, wrote about this enduring mystery in his 2006 report, “Studying the Lindbergh Case: A … Continue reading Our Fascination with Lindbergh

Pennington & Titusville Business Maps c1875

Who were the people who lived here in the Hopewell Valley around 1875 – some 150 years ago? And what did they do here? The maps of the time show that many ran small businesses, providing supplies and services to the local community. Some of these businesses are still familiar today: druggist, barber, shoemaker, dressmaker, … Continue reading Pennington & Titusville Business Maps c1875

Explore Mount Rose

This week we’re celebrating Mount Rose, due to the kindness of Sheila Fields, Max Hayden, and Richard Hunter in sharing important material including local histories, preservation efforts, and documentation of the historic Mount Rose Distillery and Mount Rose General Store. See the Mount Rose History Brief for more on the historic village of Mount Rose … Continue reading Explore Mount Rose

Sharing Information on the Web: The Hopewell Valley History Project

by Douglas DixonTuesday, December 8, 2020, 7 pmPrinceton Macintosh Users GroupWebinar via Zoom If you’re interested in local history, this talk will provide an overview of the Hopewell Valley History Project, explain how the site is organized, and show how you can use the different elements to explore your interests in local places and history. … Continue reading Sharing Information on the Web: The Hopewell Valley History Project