Reference Guides

Printable reference guides (PDF) to historical material on Hopewell Valley history, including galleries with images and catalogs of sources and materials:

  • Galleries – Summary of key available materials and sources, with images
  • Chronologies – Listings of all the materials in the archives (plus other interesting related material), with additional information
  • Source Guides – References for further investigation (especially digital)

See the Book Archives, Map Archives, and Image Archives for descriptions of the available materials of each type, the associated Reference Guides, and interactive tables to explore the collection and view the files.

Book Reference Guides (PDF)

Map Reference Guides (PDF)

  • Maps Gallery – Gallery of historic maps
  • Map Sets – Display map sets available from the Hopewell Valley Historical Society and Hopewell Museum
  • Maps Chronology – Chronological listing of reference maps and sources
  • Maps Sources Guide – Map resources (especially digital)

Image Reference Guides (PDF)