More Intriguing Hopewell Train Station Art

As follow up to last week’s post on Hopewell Train Station Art, here are some more examples of art featuring Hopewell area train stations. However, we have less information about these – some even are note cards with no additional identifying information. So we would welcome help in identifying these artists, finding more information about … Continue reading More Intriguing Hopewell Train Station Art

August 2020 Update

Site updates for the month of August were widely varied, from Pennington aerials to the history of Seminary Avenue (and its barbers), to Hopewell train station art, and more. By the numbers, we finished the month with 180 files in the Archives, including 77 documents and 103 maps and aerials. The Image Gallery now has … Continue reading August 2020 Update

Hopewell Train Station Art

Our Hopewell and Pennington train stations are not just historically interesting, they are also favorite subjects for artists and photographers, both amateur and professional. We’ve all seen various examples of train station art around, but we don’t know much more about them. So it seemed time to dig deeper into three examples of these artists … Continue reading Hopewell Train Station Art

Pennington Borough Aerials c1996

Here are three large aerial views of Pennington Borough, showing South Main Street and West Delaware Avenue. These were apparently filmed in 1996, based on the building at 12 South Main. (These open in a new viewer window so you can pan / zoom in the images.) The original format of these images is black … Continue reading Pennington Borough Aerials c1996

V-J Day in Hopewell – August 14, 1945

During World War II, Dean Ashton, a Hopewell journalist, wrote the Hopewell News, a newsletter of hometown news for distribution to service members around the world. After almost two and a half years, and in his 43rd issue, Ashton finally was able to share the news of celebrating V-J Day in Hopewell on August 14, … Continue reading V-J Day in Hopewell – August 14, 1945

History Project Article from Preservation New Jersey

Very nice article on the Hopewell Valley History Project in this month’s Preservation New Jersey newsletter, thanks to Rikki Massand, with coverage of our amazing range of local historic and preservation organizations. == Read Preservation through Digitization: Hopewell Valley History Project from Preservation New Jersey == Preservation through Digitization: Hopewell Valley History Project– by Rikki … Continue reading History Project Article from Preservation New Jersey

Seminary Avenue History

One way to understand our local history is to look at our towns house by house, street by street. We’ve been collecting this kind of information on the History Project site, including the Historic House Tour booklets in the Pamphlets Collection, and the 1985 Cultural Resource Surveys of historic structures in the Valley. And we’ve … Continue reading Seminary Avenue History

July 2020 Update – Collections and Archives

Site updates for the month of July included several important new documents, a new Pamphlet Collection featuring the Hopewell Harvest Fair, a new page organizing the Hopewell Borough materials, and a major update to the Document and Map archives to organize the entries by town and by different document types. By the numbers, we finished … Continue reading July 2020 Update – Collections and Archives

Hopewell Harvest Fair Almanacs

Rev. 7/30/20 – Added 2009 & 2011 – Only 2003 missing The Hopewell Harvest Fair has been cancelled for this year, but you still can enjoy the Harvest Fair feeling by browsing an almost-full set of 30 years of Harvest Fair almanacs (brochures) from 1987 to 2019 that we have scanned and posted in the … Continue reading Hopewell Harvest Fair Almanacs

Hopewell & Pennington Histories

We’ve posted two extensive chronological histories of Hopewell Borough and Pennington Borough, written by the late David Blackwell. These were printed in the 125th Anniversary Programs for the two towns, in 2015 and 2016 respectively, and are illustrated with historical photos and maps. == Read The Story of Pennington, 1890 – 2015 (PDF) ==== Read … Continue reading Hopewell & Pennington Histories