Hopewell Valley Brickyards

The Hopewell Valley is blessed with some wonderful and impressive (and solid) brick buildings. But where did all those bricks came from, especially for construction around 1900, with delivery by horse and wagon? It turns out that the Hopewell Valley area did have some local brickyards, including near Lambertville and in Hopewell Borough. We can … Continue reading Hopewell Valley Brickyards

Pennington & Titusville Business Maps c1875

Who were the people who lived here in the Hopewell Valley around 1875 – some 150 years ago? And what did they do here? The maps of the time show that many ran small businesses, providing supplies and services to the local community. Some of these businesses are still familiar today: druggist, barber, shoemaker, dressmaker, … Continue reading Pennington & Titusville Business Maps c1875

Hopewell Valley Fire Departments

Our local fire companies – Hopewell Fire Department & Emergency Medical Unit, Pennington Fire Company and Pennington First Aid Squad, and Union Fire Company & Rescue Squad in Titusville – all need volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians. To learn how you can help, visit  http://ProtectHopewellValley.com. We are continuing to celebrate the history of the … Continue reading Hopewell Valley Fire Departments

“Real Photo” Postcards of Titusville, Pennington, and the Valley

The Image Gallery has added more than 95 postcards thanks to the continued kindness of local collector Steven Cohen, who is also involved with the Washington Crossing Card Collectors Club (WC4). Steven specializes in Real Photo Postcards (RPPC), which are produced by a photographic process using a camera and photographic paper (i.e., like a photo … Continue reading “Real Photo” Postcards of Titusville, Pennington, and the Valley

The Mystery of Honey Hollow / Richard Hunter

On Sunday, June 9, 2019, Richard Hunter of Hunter Research presented a talk on “The Mystery of Honey Hollow,” sponsored by the Pennington Public Library, Hopewell Museum, and Hopewell Valley Historical Society. Of course, to understand the mystery, you need to know a bit about the storied area of Honey Hollow, and its part of … Continue reading The Mystery of Honey Hollow / Richard Hunter