Hopewell Valley Fire Departments

Our local fire companies – Hopewell Fire Department & Emergency Medical Unit, Pennington Fire Company and Pennington First Aid Squad, and Union Fire Company & Rescue Squad in Titusville – all need volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians. To learn how you can help, visit  http://ProtectHopewellValley.com. We are continuing to celebrate the history of the … Continue reading Hopewell Valley Fire Departments

Hopewell Borough Fire Companies

Hopewell Borough has been served by four different fire companies, with up to three of them active at the same time in the middle 1910’s. The saga is described in the Hopewell Fire Department Anniversary booklets (see earlier post). We’ve fleshed out the story by digging into historical maps and newspaper articles for more details … Continue reading Hopewell Borough Fire Companies

Hopewell Fire Department 75th Anniversary Booklet

We are pleased to scan and share the 75th Anniversary Program booklet for the Hopewell Fire Department, 1911 – 1986 (PDF). This is 77 pages of fascinating reading, with an extensive history and chronology of the multiple (at least three!) fire departments in town, plus loads of period photos, with lots of fire equipment (not … Continue reading Hopewell Fire Department 75th Anniversary Booklet