June 2020 Update – Memorial Day and Veterans

The month of June was focused on follow-up to our earlier postings of Hopewell Memorial Day images, with more donations of photos and materials.

As another bonus, the site is now hosting the wonderful Pennington History & Walking Tour site, which was developed by local resident Joe Sinniger. The site was originally developed from a Walking Tour Guide created by the Pennington Historic Sites Committee around 1990, and then Joe added additional noteworthy buildings and local histories.

By the numbers, we finished the month with 173 files in the Archives, including 70 books and documents and 103 maps and aerials. The Image Archives now include 1602 files, with 1349 images of Hopewell Borough, 118 of Pennington, 52 of Titusville, 16 in the Township, and 67 images of Hopewell Borough events. These include 873 historical images, plus 662 current-day images in Hopewell Borough. The History Map includes 775 addresses with 102 historic places in Hopewell Borough. Please keep the materials coming!

Veterans Organizations and Memorial Day

The Flag Day post describes two new papers investigating the history of the Hopewell Borough Memorial Day parades, and the local Hopewell veterans groups that helped to organize the activities over the years:

Memorial Day Parade Photos

The collection of Hopewell Borough Memorial Day Parade photos now has 67 images spanning the 1950s, 1961 – 1970 , 1976, and 1992. The galley also has a PDF file for each contributor with descriptions of the photos and their locations in town.

Central High School band at East Broad and Princeton Ave.

New in the Digital Archives

Besides the new papers, the Book Archives also added the John Hart 1959 Pamphlet from the dedication of a plaque at the Hart farmstead in Hopewell Borough, which includes a chronology of Hart’s life and service

New in the Image Archives

Some of the Memorial Day images that show specific historical buildings also have been copied into the Image Archives and identified by street address, so they also appear in the Hopewell History Map. We’ve also added some new photos of renovations and other changes in current-day Hopewell Borough.

Hopewell History Map

The Hopewell History Map provides a map interface to explore the collected information and images on historical properties in Hopewell Borough. Besides street addresses and historical property information, it displays images (and thumbnails) of street address images from the Image Archives (automatically including new images added this month).

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