Hopewell Scenes – Memorial Day 1950 – 1990

Thanks to new photos from Terry Devlin, we now have over 60 images of past Memorial Day parades in Hopewell Borough, spanning the 1950s, 1961 to 1970, 1976, and 1992.

== Click to view the Hopewell Memorial Day Album (separate site) ==

The photos are organized by year, and then grouped in sets for each contributor. The album also includes a document (PDF) for each contributor, with thumbnails of the images and listings of the image contents, including descriptions and information on the location in town. Also see the Index to images (PDF).

Thanks to the contributors that kindly shared these images, and they and others (especially on Facebook) who provided other information and memories. The current contributors are: Terry Devlin, Dick and Hope Sudlow, MaryAnna Twomey, and Andree Wyckoff.

These images give a glimpse into the life and people of the times, and also, conveniently for us, contain views of the streets and buildings along the parade routes.

Here are some selected fun glimpses of scenes and places from Hopewell’s past:

Revolutionary soldiers marching south down Mercer Ave. toward West Broad St. – Note the barn in the background, which was the former location of the Titus Livery Stables. It has been since been replaced and is now a convenience store. (Twomey c1950)

Soldiers marching west up East Broad St. at Princeton Ave. – Note Wert’s Market and other shops in background (later a gas station, now 38 East Broad). (Twomey c1950)

Parade at the old American Legion Post 339 building at 9 Mercer St., before the Legion moved to Van Dyke Rd. (c 1966). The building sits far back from the street, behind the church graveyard. The next two houses to the south of it on Mercer St. did not exist at that time. The legion held its annual summer carnival on those lots. (Devlin 1963)

Moving west on West Broad St. nearing Mercer St. – Note Rorer’s Hardware Store (31 East Broad) with gas pumps out front, plus building to left (now parking lot). (Wyckoff 1960s)

Kids on bikes at entrance to Seminary Ave. facing East Broad St. Note now-departed buildings on left. (Devlin 1970)

The Central High School marching band moving west on East Broad St., past Princeton Ave. – 50 East Broad visible in background. (Sudlow 1992)

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