Hopewell Memorial Day Parades – 1960s & 70s

To echo the fun of the recent Hopewell Valley celebrations for Memorial Day and July 4th, here are a selection of photos of Hopewell Memorial Day parades from 1961 to 1978. These show the crowds and marchers and buildings on various streets along the parade route. (Note the dates are approximate.)

These are from a set of 42 new images kindly contributed by Roger Labaw from the collection of Bill Kintner. See the Hopewell Memorial Day album in the Image Galley for these and over 140 images of parades from the 1950s to 2000s.

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Veterans and rider on horseback leading the parade over the railroad bridge,
south on North Greenwood Avenue at Railroad Place (c1961)

For years the marchers assembled for the parade on Hart Avenue, performed honors at Highland Cemetery, and then marched into town over the railroad bridge. Some years the route had the procession turn left onto Railroad Place, and in other years the parade turned right down Model Avenue.

Hopewell Valley American Legion Post 339 Ladies Auxiliary and children,
marching south across the railroad bridge (c1961)

American Legion Post 339 and other veteran’s groups, including the earlier local post of the Grand Army of the Republic (Civil War veterans), were driving forces in organizing the parade each year. (See the earlier post on the multiple Hopewell Veterans Organizations).

Hopewell Fire Department trucks moving west on East Broad Street,
past Blackwell’s Chrysler-Plymouth at Princeton Avenue (c1961)

Diagonally across the street you can see the empty space where the current shopping center and Princeton Bank building were built. (See the earlier post on the multiple Hopewell Borough Fire Companies.)

Hopewell Fire Department and ambulance moving east on West Broad Street,
at the corner of North Greenwood Avenue (c1961)

The house on the corner is the Blackwell / Dalrymple House, built c. 1845. It no longer has the porch along the entire front.

Veterans marching north in front of the Hopewell Elementary School,
on Princeton Avenue approaching Prospect Street (c1961)

For a period of time the parade would march up to St. Michaels and circle around the driveway before performing honors at the St. Alphonsus Church and Old School Baptist Church cemeteries.

Reviewing stand in front of Princeton Bank,
at the corner of East Broad Street and North Greenwood Avenue (c. 1970)

The Hopewell National Bank constructed this building in 1914, when it moved from its original building, now the Hopewell Public Library. At some point after 1955 the windows on the front of the building were bricked in, as it still appears today. In later years the reviewing stand was moved across the street, with more shade. (See the earlier post on the history of the Hopewell Public Library.)

American Legion Post 339 marching with their giant flag,
west on West Broad Street towards Van Dyke Road (c1975)

The flag was even heavier to carry in the rain! The location is near the current Hopewell Veterinary Group.

Horses and riders in front of the Hopewell Rexall Drug Store,
moving west on West Broad Street at South Greenwood Avenue (c1978)

In the background is the Calvary Baptist Church – but without a steeple – after the original tower from 1872 finally needed to be removed and replaced. (The banner on the front horse reads DVHA, for the Delaware Valley Horseman’s Association.)

== View all the new 1960s-70s Hopewell Memorial Day Images ==

The Hopewell Memorial Day album in the Image Galley has over 140 images of parades from the 1950s to 2000s, which also provide views of the streetscapes and buildings as they appeared at the times.

More images are welcome – from Hopewell, and around the Valley.

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