Hopewell Borough Memorial Day Parade – 1992

Update 5/25/20: Added photos of the 1970 (more likely early 1960’s) Hopewell Borough Memorial Day parade, courtesy of Andree Wyckoff, shot from across the street from Rorer’s Hardware Store (now 31 East Broad Street), facing east showing the house that stood where there is now a parking lot. The gas pumps in front of Rorer’s suggest these pictures are more likely from the early to mid 1960s … but we could use more information on this.

Update 5/24/20: Added photos of the 1961 Hopewell Borough Memorial Day parade, courtesy of Terry Devlin. Also added PDFs with information on the photos, provided by Facebook commenters.

Thanks to Dick and Hope Sudlow, we have some fun images of the 1992 Hopewell Borough Memorial Day parade, marching west on Broad Street.

Can you provide additional identification for these images? (Use email at the bottom of the page.)

  • 1 – Central High School Marching Band
  • 2 – Hopewell Museum truck float – WWII Honor Roll
  • 3 – Ladies auxiliary (?)
  • 4 – Thunderbird convertible (?)
  • 5 – Central High School Marching Band (at Princeton Ave)
  • 6 – Crowd at Blackwell Ave.
  • 7 – Legion with large flag
  • 8 – Hopewell Harvest Fair – Civil War Camp – A Soldier Writes Home To His Wife
  • 9 – Scouts – Teepee
  • 10 – Merritt Brothers – Milk Truck
  • 11 – Fire Truck

And, as a bonus, here are some photos of Hopewell Borough Memorial Day parades circa 1950, marching on East Broad at Princeton, on Mercer at West Broad (in color), and on North Greenwood and Railroad (by the bridge).

And see the earlier post comparing these photos to similar views in other images:

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