Memorial Day 1967 – Eagle Bakery

We’ve added some fun photos of the 1967 Hopewell Borough Memorial Day parade, courtesy of Peter H. Gantz. These were taken on West Broad Street across from the Old School Baptist Church – which appears very much the same as today.

The photos show parade floats, Hopewell Fire Department trucks, Hopewell American Legion Post 339 marching with its giant flag, Bucks County bagpipers, and Boy Scouts.

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And there are views across the street to the Baptist Church cemetery, east up Broad Street towards Greenwood Avenue, and west down Broad Street past Mercer Street.

1967 Memorial Day parade – showing Hopewell House sign, and Arctic sign for the Eagle Bakery (64 West Broad)

But most intriguing is the view west towards Mercer Street. You can see the sign in front of Hopewell House on the corner next to the Baptist Church: “Hopewell House / Tavern, Package Goods, Food, Lunch.”

UPDATE: Beyond, on the west corner of Mercer Street, is a sign for Arctic ice cream from Trenton. This was placed at the corner (by the underpass for the stream) for the Eagle Bakery, which was in the building just up Mercer (below).

1950s Memorial Day parade – showing 2-6 Mercer St.

And here is a photo from the 1950s of what is now the pizza shop on Mercer (2-6 Mercer), which was the Eagle Bakery (with a bit of a bakery sign).

Are there clearer pictures of these buildings? This is the only image of the “Arctic” sign that we have.

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  1. Mike Washko

    Eagle Bakery had the best baked goods in the area. As a kid I worked there on the weekend mornings, making baked goods & then selling the Sunday newspaper. Louie was a hard working German and the great baked goods were always sold out by noon. A great experience for a young boy.

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