Pennington Seminary Ladies’ Room & More Postcards

In addition to the fascinating Hopewell Borough aerial photos from 1932, Sam Castoro also has kindly provided over 60 historic postcards to be scanned for the Image Archives. These are primarily scenes of Hopewell Boro, with some additional images of Pennington and Titusville.

The Pennington cards include this fascinating image of the Pennington Seminary (now the Pennington School) with an impressively verbose caption that covers three named buildings – plus the back includes bonus promotional language about the town (“Prettiest suburb of Trenton, 225 feet higher…” … “Adequate fire protection” …).

Also enjoy the Ladies’ Room at the Pennington Seminary (postmarked 1906). Especially note the profusion of images on the walls — romantic, fashion — and baseball.

Other treasures include the Hopewell Boro Municipal Building (after losing the top story of the original High School, and before adding the firehouse garages), a card showing the combined Hopewell Library and Museum, and a Scenic View of Titusville that does not show the river.

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