January 2020 Update – Hopewell History Map

January was focused on the development and enhancement of the Hopewell History Map, an interactive map for exploring historical properties in Hopewell Borough, and displaying associated historical information and associated images (see Updates). Browse properties by clicking on address numbers on the Map, or on address rows in the Table, to view associated information and images in the Info Panel.

We finished the month with 142 files in the Archives, including 45 books and documents and 97 maps and aerials. The Image Archives now include 572 files, with 534 of Hopewell Boro, 26 of Pennington, and 12 of Titusville. Please keep the materials coming!

New Materials

New materials on the site, also available on the History Map, include:

History Map Updates

The Hopewell History Map also has been updated to add the new images and Cultural Resource Surveys, among other changes:

  • Full-screen slideshow of property images (click link in image caption footer).
  • Display Cultural Resource Survey report (PDF) for the selected property (click link in property information header).
  • Help / Options dialog (global “hamburger” menu button):
    • Option to Show All Places in the Boro, or only show known historic properties.
    • Option to Show / hide Google Map Points of Interest icons.
    • Option to show Map Place Popups, or not show the map popups (i.e., when clicking quickly through many addresses)
    • Extensive Help / About information

Plus various improvements to the user interface and the underlying data, including displaying both current and old block/lot numbers in the Table and in the Info Panel.

There are lots more opportunities for improving and adding to the History Map. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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