A Stroll Through Historic Hopewell (2003) -Audrey Jones

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A Stroll Through Historic Hopewell / Audrey Jones (2003)
by Audrey J. Jones, printed locally, spiral bound [HPL]
Digital version scanned from HPL copy, with handwritten annotations by Betty Gantz at end
Over 200 hand-drawn pen and ink drawings of homes, commercial buildings, and churches in historic Hopewell Borough that are 100 years old or older
[i.e., buildings up to c. 1900, plus some others of interest]
Book organized by street address, with maps of lots along each street –
One page per building, with illustration and historic dates and information (plus Gantz notes)
Available for personal and research use; not for commercial use
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File – 2003-Jones-Stroll-Historic-Hopewell-Annot-HPL.pdf