Hopewell Train Stations: History and Art – References

Hopewell Station – Ralph Curcio (1981)

References and links for the Hopewell Train Stations: History and Art presentation on the Hopewell and Pennington train stations that was held on December 1, 2021. These include the online video (to be done), the presentation slides (13 pp.), the associated slide shows on the two stations (75 images), and more detailed briefs on the Train Stations and the Railroad Lines (35 pp.), plus related posts with additional information on the art and artists.

Presentation VideoPresentation SlidesSlide Shows
Train Station and Railroad Lines BriefsArt and Artists

Hopewell Train Stations: History and Art

Hopewell – Ken McIndoe (1979)

The Hopewell and Pennington train stations not only are historic National Register-listed properties, but they also are iconic symbols of our communities.

Built in 1876, these stations served over 20 trains a day between Philadelphia and New York in the heyday of the railroads, before sinking into disrepair with the decline of railroad traffic into the 1980s.

But the stations have since been reborn, as a private residence in Pennington and as a community park and gathering place in Hopewell Borough.

Pennington – William Hankinson (1983)

This presentation by Doug Dixon provides a visual history of these train stations, illustrating their story with photographs and artwork. The talk celebrates both the history of the railroads in the Hopewell area, and the photographers and artists who captured these past moments for us.

Hopewell Public Library “Wednesday Night Out” Lecture Series
Co-sponsored by the Hopewell Valley Historical Society and The Hopewell Museum

Doug Dixon at the Hopewell Theater
Ken McIndoe exhibiting at the event

Hopewell Train Stations – Presentation Video

Zoom presentation from December 1, 2021.

Hopewell Train Stations – Presentation Slides

The presentation included these slides on the history and design of the two train stations, plus a visual history of the station (the slide shows below).

Presentation slides: Hopewell Train Stations: History and Art (PDF)

The history, architecture, and design of the Hopewell and Pennington train stations.

Hopewell Train Stations – Slide Shows & Images

Visual histories of the Hopewell and Pennington train stations, using photos and artwork to illustrate changes to the station buildings and grounds from their construction in 1876 to the present.

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Besides the images of the Hopewell and Pennington train stations in the associated albums of the Image Gallery, see the Railroad gallery for sets of images along the railroad lines:

Hopewell Train Stations – History Briefs

More detailed history briefs on the train stations and the railroad lines, with extensive chronologies and references.

Brief: Hopewell and Pennington Train Stations (PDF)

The Train Stations brief discusses the history of the two train stations, describes their design and architecture, and concludes with a chronology with references.

Brief: Hopewell Valley Railroad Lines (PDF)

A history of the railroad competition in the Hopewell Valley, and the resulting golden age and then decline of local railroad service in the area. Plus a chronology with references for these and other local transportation services.

Hopewell Train Stations – Art and Artists

These historic Hopewell and Pennington train stations are iconic symbols of our communities that have inspired the creativity of numerous artists, as shown in the variety of these images shared by the History Project. Beyond their artistic value, these works also can provide valuable historical information in the details that the artists have carefully captured, from now-lost buildings to the details of switches on railroad sidings.

Train station images from the History Project Image Gallery
Artists & families who exhibited at the Hopewell Train Stations: History and Art event

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