Pennington Train Station Underpass

Do you remember the underpass at the Pennington train station? All that is left now are these handrails leading down into the ground after it was filled in. Lots of people have fond memories of the underpass – including the thrill as kids when they were surrounded by the sound of the train rumbling overhead. But does anyone have pictures of the underpass – or any pictures of the train station in operation?

Current view of the underpass on the west side of the tracks opposite the Pennington Train Station (filled in)

Here’s an undated Artvue postcard of the Pennington station, looking north towards the N. Main St. bridge, with industrial buildings and silos further up on the right of the tracks.

So what is the date of this image? One hint is that there are two train tracks, which puts it before the mid 1980s. And the entire area around the station is clear of trees and well maintained.

Pennington Train Station, looking north up the tracks towards the N. Main St. bridge (postcard, undated)

While we’re at it, are there any photos of the view up and down the train tracks at the Pennington station or from the N. Main and Delaware Ave. bridges? There were tracks and sidings, signals and signal bridges, and additional buildings including a freight depot.

For example, here’s the current view north along the tracks from the Pennington station up to the gentle curve at the N. Main bridge. And the view from the N. Main bridge looking further north straight along the tracks (to the area once used for switching and sidings.

Current view looking north from the Pennington station to the N. Main St. bridge
Current view from the N. Main bridge in Pennington looking north

Finally, here’s the opposite view today, looking straight down the tracks south from the Pennington station, with the coal and lumber yard buildings to the left.

Current view south down the tracks from the Pennington station

So does anyone have old photos of Pennington that they can share, especially with these kinds of scenes around the train station – and especially the underpass?

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