More Intriguing Hopewell Train Station Art

As follow up to last week’s post on Hopewell Train Station Art, here are some more examples of art featuring Hopewell area train stations. However, we have less information about these – some even are note cards with no additional identifying information. Also see the following post on additional artists in the new Hopewell Train Station Art Gallery.

So we would welcome help in identifying these artists, finding more information about them, and discovering other artwork of local scenes that they may have done. And, of course, we would welcome other examples of local artwork.

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Train Station, Pennington, N. J. – William Hankinson (1983)

  • Fun image, labeled Print #33, 1983, and signed Wm Hankinson.
  • Apparently by William Joseph “Hank” Hankinson (c1922 – 1996).
  • Prominent professional artist who lived in Pennington for a time.
  • Versatile in oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, and pen and ink.
  • Well known as a muralist, especially his Venetian murals for a N. Y. City ballroom.

Frog War – Benjamin Eisenstat (mailer)

  • Action illustration of an article on the Hopewell “Frog War,” from a N. J. Bell Tel-news mailer, 10/1974. Annotated as by Benjamin Eisenstat of Moorestown.
  • Benjamin Eisenstat  (1915 – 2001) had a fifty-five year career in art, and taught at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (now University of the Arts) for forty years.
  • Known for expressionistic landscapes, illustrations, cartoons, and graphics.
  • Lived in Pennsylvania and also in Moorestown, N. J.
  • See

Christmas Special – Warren M. Creely (note card)

  • Charming image of Reading Pacific (steam) train number 120 passing through the Hopewell station.
  • Signed Warren M. Creely.
  • The Hopewell Frame Shop and Art Gallery had an exhibition of his work in 1985, describing him as “known for his railroad art and for his paintings of area buildings.”
  • Inside: “A Merry Christmas to all” is proclaimed as Reading Pacific number 120 heads the special through Hopewell, filled to capacity with just plain folks anxious to be home for Christmas. Hopewell is a quaint little country town nestled among the snowy white hills of north central New Jersey. Even the station agent who after dragging his newly acquired tree through heavy snow drifts, is carefully checking it over in anticipation of that joyous day of Christmas.

Hopewell train station in the snow with Christmas star (note card)

Peaceful image on a note card with no other identifying information.

Unknown artist and signature?

Card dates from the 1990’s?


Thanks to Bill Metcalf for the Hankinson image.

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  1. keneth vega

    Hi,,, i have 1974 art of Main street Pennineton NJ It is an art made by Wlliam j Hankinson,It is in perfect condition and I want to sell it

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