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The Image Gallery now has a new Hopewell Train Station Art Gallery, focused on images of the Hopewell and Pennington Borough train stations and the associated artists.

We welcome more examples of artwork of the local train stations, and more information on these and other local artists.

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Previous posts first introduced Train Station Art featuring Ranulph Bye and Gray’s Watercolors, and a second post of More Train Station Art added William Hankinson and other examples from mailers and notecards.

Through the kindness of artist families and local fans, we’ve now added examples of the Pennington station by Anne Gross, the Hopewell station by Ken McIndoe and George Stave, and images from Salvatore Asaro, who also painted for Gray’s Watercolors. There’s also more information on Gray’s Watercolors including a 1991 exhibit brochure and a 1991 Catalog of all of the company’s works, organized by town and by subject.

Pennington RR Station – Anne Gross

Artist Ann Gross was a beloved and involved Pennington resident for many years. She supported the community wholeheartedly with her time and talents, including providing a print of old Main Street as a fundraiser for the Friends of the Pennington Public Library.

Railway Station, Hopewell – George Stave (1979)

George Stave (1923-2011) explored the back roads and small towns of New Jersey and Pennsylvania in search of visually interesting subjects, and was repeatedly drawn to nineteenth-century houses and farms, glimpses of a fading past. He also painted several outdoor views overlooking Hopewell and a collection of Hopewell interiors.

Hopewell Rail Station Looking East – Ken McIndoe (1979)

Ken McIndoe is a landscape painter who has lived in Hopewell since 1974 with his wife, potter Connie Bracci-McIndoe. This is one of a pair of images of the Hopewell train station, looking east and west, showing the tracks and siding, and the surrounding railroad structures.

Old School Baptist Church – Salvatore Asaro

Salvatore Asaro (c1933 – 2016) was professional artist and illustrator who was a resident of Hopewell for many years, and painted many of the Hopewell Borough scenes for Gray’s watercolors. He was an active member of the Hopewell community, serving as a councilman and as an EMT with the Hopewell Volunteer Emergency Medical Unit and the Hopewell Volunteer Fire Department.

Thanks to Robert Warznak and Dan Pace for Anne Gross images, Roberta Mayer for images of the George Stave paintings, Ken McIndoe for images of his paintings, and Meg & Beth Asaro for information on Salvatore Asaro and images of his work.

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