November 2021 Update – 2 Train Stations

The November updates to the Hopewell Valley History Project site focused on the local Pennington and Hopewell train stations, including several collections of new art and photos – in preparation for the “Hopewell Train Stations: History and Art” presentation on December 1.

By the numbers, we finished the month with 240 files in the Archives, including 110 documents and 130 maps and aerials. The Image Gallery now has 2357 files, and the Aerial Panoramas Collection has 23 images. The Pamphlet Collection has 144 documents, and the Property Reports Collection has 77 documents, with 58 Site Survey reports and 19 Property Briefs. The interactive History Map includes 775 addresses with 102 historic places in Hopewell Borough. Please keep the materials coming!

Hopewell Train Station Art and Artists

One post highlighted the artists and photographers with train station images in the History Project Art Gallery and Photography Gallery. Beyond their artistic value, these works also can provide valuable historical information in the details that the artists have carefully captured, from now-lost buildings to the details of switches on railroad sidings.

== View the History Project Art Gallery ==

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Hopewell Train Station Art by Jerry Cable

Bucks County artist Jerry Cable has kindly contributed several paintings of the Hopewell train station. His paintings show the station from multiple angles and in different seasons, and he has used two of the resulting images for his annual Christmas card.

== View Jerry Cable’s work in the History Project Art Gallery ==

Jerry Cable
Stationary Survivor” (2001) – Side of station, looking west
Christmas Sled” (2001) – Station from tracks with boy on sled

Hopewell Photos by Ken Kaplowitz

Local photographer Ken Kaplowitz has kindly contributed a collection of 35 black and white images of Hopewell Borough people and places, shot from 1974 to 1977, while he lived in the town. Most of these photos are affectionate portraits of local people, especially in the context of their lives and places.

== View the Ken Kaplowitz photos in the History Project Photography Gallery ==

Pennington Train Station Underpass

Another post asks if you remember the underpass at the Pennington train station. All that is left now are these handrails leading down into the ground after it was filled in. Lots of people have fond memories of the underpass – including the thrill as kids when they were surrounded by the sound of the train rumbling overhead.

Additional Images

Train station additions to the Image Gallery for the Hopewell station included a higher-resolution view of the the 1881 Savidge / Listers photo. For the Pennington station, new additions included sets of images from Joanne Denshaw (1974) including the underpass and Jack Koeppel (1960), plus current-day train station and current-day train trestles.

Other additions to the Image Gallery included the 1991 Van Doren fire, plus historic postcards of the Pennington School, Titusville / Washington Crossing, c1910 Harlingen, and East Millstone train station.

Please contact us if you have – or know of – more images and materials like these that we can share to help illuminate the history of our Hopewell Valley.

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