Hopewell Photos by Ken Kaplowitz

Local photographer Ken Kaplowitz has kindly contributed a collection of 35 black and white images of Hopewell Borough people and places, shot from 1974 to 1977, while he lived in the town.

Most of these photos are affectionate portraits of local people, especially in the context of their lives and places – on the front porch, in the street, in front of their business, and inside their store. There are also views of group events including Memorial Day parades, snowball fights, making the Bicentennial Quilt, boarding the school bus, diving at the quarry, and just hanging on the corner.

== View the Ken Kaplowitz photos in the History Project Photography Gallery ==

Ken Kaplowitz Hopewell Boro Photos

Kenneth Kaplowitz is Emeritus Professor from The College of New Jersey, where he taught for forty-nine years from 1970 to 2020. He has taught communications, film-making, TV production, life-drawing, painting, photo history, performance art and photography.

He also works in prints and drawings. See his KennethKaplowitz.com website for more information and artwork.

Selected Images

It’s hard to pull favorites from this collection, so here are some highlights of historical interest, looking beyond the interesting people for views of familiar but now-lost places in the town.

Angelo Pagano and Joseph Dorio, partners at the Village Market on West Broad at South Greenwood Avenue. You can see the signs in the window, the shelves of products inside the door, and the back of the checkout area on the right.

Paul and Rita Ehrlich in their Hopewell Country Store on Seminary Avenue, with the carefully arranged shelves along the long but narrow space.

Herbert Waldron outside Hill’s Lumber on Railroad Place at Hamilton Avenue. Visible behind, from left to right, are the end of the railroad trestle that delivered coal to Hill’s, the Tomato Factory, and what was the Rockwell plant (then transitioning to Kooltronic).

Lillian & Clifford Skubus as they took over and renamed Cliff’s Corner Store (which later became Rose & Chubby’s) at Railroad Place and North Greenwood. The sign painter Lorraine Alexander.

Tom Nichols and his ’61 Chrysler Newport convertible, at the Sunoco station then on East Broad at Hamilton Avenue (at the foot of Princeton Avenue).

Cox’s Barber Shop on East Broad at Seminary Avenue. The barber is Joseph Quinn, and Dale Bussis is in the chair, with the long array of clippers under the shelf and ubiquitous broom on the left.

The new History Project Photography Gallery also has Hopewell scenes from Gary Saretzky and railroad images from Ralph Curcio.

== See the Hopewell Photography Collections brief (PDF) for more on these photographers and the photos in their collections ==

== View the Ken Kaplowitz photos in the History Project Photography Gallery ==

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  1. […] Ken Kaplowitz contributed a collection 35 black and white photographs of Hopewell Borough people and places from 1974 to 1977. He is Emeritus Professor of Art from The College of New Jersey, where he taught for forty-nine years. More on Ken Kaplowitz’s Hopewell photographs […]

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