Explore Historic Hopewell: Broad & Louellen

The Hopewell Presbyterian Church triangle at Broad & Louellen Streets in Hopewell Borough, with five historic houses

Have you noticed the interesting buildings as you drive into Hopewell Borough on West Broad Street past the Hopewell Presbyterian Church?

The five buildings on both sides of the street between Lanning and Louellen Aves. (as the road curves down to the light) all have historical connections to the Presbyterian Church. They include a former schoolhouse, a now-rotated former church, and one of the oldest buildings in Hopewell. (View on the Hopewell History Map.)

== Read the full brief to Explore Historic Hopewell at Broad & Louellen Streets (PDF) ==

This is a tour guide to Broad & Louellen streets, including a quick-reference summary for exploring these buildings along the street, with side-by-side historic images compared to current-day buildings, plus additional detail on the history of the buildings from various sources.

These historic buildings are:

  • Hopewell Academy ‐ 75 West Broad Street (1855) – Originally the public school
  • Presbyterian Chapel ‐ 79 West Broad Street (1877) – The first Presbyterian Church
  • Presbyterian Manse ‐ 83 West Broad Street (1892) – The original manse building
  • Hopewell Presbyterian Church ‐ 80 West Broad Street (1915) – The current church
  • Phillips House ‐ 86‐88 West Broad Street (<1785) – A very early Hopewell building

PS: There’s actually a second local church that has a connection to these buildings. You can find out more in the Anniversary booklets that we have just posted for the Hopewell Calvary Baptist Church (1966) and St. Alphonsus Church (1977).

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  1. […] These are three of five adjacent historical buildings that still stand along West Broad between Lanning and Louellen that all have historical connections to the Presbyterian Church in Hopewell (see earlier post). […]

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