March 2020 Update – Map the Hopewell Boro Historic District

March saw the culmination of the goal of photographing the entire Hopewell Borough historic district, so that you can now use the Hopewell History Map to not only explore history (of course), but also to view current-day images of properties and streets around town (see Updates).

We finished the month with 142 files in the Archives, including 45 books and documents and 97 maps and aerials. The Image Archives now include 1377 files, with 1282 of Hopewell Boro, 59 of Pennington, 25 of Titusville, and 11 in the Township. Please keep the materials coming!

New in the Hopewell History Map

To help visualize the town, the Hopewell History Map now shows thumbnail images of the properties — initially just for the current selection, and then for all properties as you zoom in closer.

And you can filter the map to animate the growth of the town — to show all 770 current properties, the 100 historic properties with more information, or only properties known to exist by circa 1850 to 1910, or only properties that appear in specific sources or maps. (See the About page for more on how to use the History Map.)

There are lots more opportunities for improving and adding to the History Map. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

New in the Image Archives

The images displayed in the History Map come from the Image Archives, so you can search and explore the collection independently. In March alone we added over 400 images, now with some 1280 images of Hopewell Borough – including 640 historical images (photos and postcards), and 220 images of streetscapes (wider views along streets).

Besides all the current-day images of Hopewell Boro, we also added Hopewell collections contributed by the Calvary Baptist Church and Maryanna Twomey, plus a collection of images across the Township from the HVHS Calendars.

New in the Digital Archives

The Map Archives now includes a page displaying the Historic Town Maps of Hopewell Borough, c. 1850 to early 1900’s, showing locations and names of historic properties.

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