Explore Hopewell Then and Now

The Hopewell History Map now shows thumbnail images of properties on the map, so you can see historical or current-day images at each location on the map.

  • Use the new Now/Then control (added to the header) to alternate between displaying the oldest and most recent images available for the property.
  • Also use the Step by Date control (also in the header) to explore the growth of Hopewell Borough by stepping through time from circa 1850 to 1910 to show only the places known to have existed by that date.

See the extensive History Map About / Help page for further examples of how to use the History Map, and details on the options.

Selected Property Image: View a thumbnail image for the selected property when you click on an address on the Map or in the Table.

The same image is shown in the Info Window below, where you can browse through other available images.

All Property Images: View image thumbnails for all properties along the streets by zooming in on the Map.

“Then” (Historic) Images: By default, the Map thumbnails and the Info Panel show “Then” property images.

“Now” (Current-Day Images): View “Now” property images for the Map thumbnails and in the Info Panel by clicking the Now/Then control.

This alternates between displaying the oldest and most recent images that are available for the property.

This is a work in progress, designed to be open for adding additional historical information and images. Comments and contributions welcome.

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