History Map Update – Image Pan & Zoom

The Hopewell History Map has been updated to make it easier to have fun interactively exploring local properties by panning and zooming in the images, including enlarging them to full size.

== Explore the Hopewell History Map (separate site) ==

Left – Explore street addresses on the map, with zoomed-in image of current selection.
Center – View image full-size, zoomed in to area of interest.
Right – Display additional information, including current-day image thumbnails of each address on map,
additional Places panel with all addresses in town,
and Image panel with additional information and links in caption.

The History Map now starts up with the Map and Image panels, so you can easily explore the historical properties in Hopewell (actually, all the properties), step through the available images for each property (from the Image Gallery), and then pan/zoom into the images to see details. (Just use the usual mouse actions on computers, and touch movements on mobile screens.)

And, of course, it can provide more information about the history of these properties, with the Places panel to scroll through a table of addresses and information, the Then/Now and Date controls to view historic or current-day images and animate the growth of the town, the Options dialog to drill in deeper to the historic sources, and the Image caption links to additional documentation on properties. (See the Help page for more.)

The History Map is an experiment in using this map-based interface to provide access to the different kinds of information on the History Project site. Comments and suggestions are welcome – including mapping other towns, adding other historic sites, and including more historic and current-day information.

Browse Local Properties:
Explore street addresses by panning and zooming in the Map.
Click an address to view associated images and information on the property in the Map pop-up and the Image panel caption. Historical places are in red, and other addresses are in blue. Icons indicate that associated images or documents are available.

View Property Images:
Cycle through the available images of a property in the Image panel. The navigator thumbnail in the top right shows the extent of the currently zoomed area in the full image.
Click the sequence buttons (bottom right) for the First/Last and Previous/Next images.
Click the zoom buttons (bottom left) to pan and zoom In / Out / Home in the images – or use the mouse (computer) or touch (mobile).

View Images Full Size:
Click the Full Size button in the bottom left zoom controls to display the image full size in the window. Click again to restore back to the multi-panel layout.

Current-Day vs. Historic Images:
Click the Then / Now
control on the top right to alternate between displaying the oldest images and the most recent images available for the property, shown in both the Map thumbnails (when zoomed in) and the Image panel.

As of the end of 2020, the History Map covered 775 addresses in all of Hopewell Borough, with information on over 100 historic places, and over 1360 images of properties, historical and current-day, buildings and streetscapes. These include over 660 current-day images of all the properties in the historic district.

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