Presbyterian Church 1908 Fundraiser

Fundraiser for Hopewell Presbyterian Church [JAZ 1908]

This fundraising postcard (postmarked 1908) is selling magazine subscriptions to The Ladies’ Home Journal and The Saturday Evening Post for the building fund of the First Presbyterian Church of Hopewell.

The building pictured on the card is the original Presbyterian Church building (also referred to as the Presbyterian Chapel).

The Chapel was across West Broad Street from the current Hopewell Presbyterian Church building, which is on the triangle between West Broad and Louellen Street.

== View the Presbyterian Chapel on the Hopewell History Map ==

Presbyterian Church and Chapel

The Presbyterian Chapel was built in 1877. The fundraising drive was successful, as the current Presbyterian Church building was completed in 1915.

The Chapel building then was sold in 1923 and converted into a residence. It looks different today, since was turned 90 degrees and moved a short distance to the northeast.

Hopewell Presbyterian Chapel [HHH 1897]
Hopewell Presbyterian Church and Manse [WF 1907]

Not surprisingly, we have several different views of the Chapel building from historical publications and postcards. Some also show the adjacent building, the Presbyterian Manse, which was built in 1892. It later was sold in 1955, when the current Manse building was purchased, next to the Church on Louellen.

Broad & Louellen

The Hopewell Presbyterian Church triangle at Broad & Louellen Streets in Hopewell Borough, with five historic houses

These are three of five adjacent historical buildings that still stand along West Broad between Lanning and Louellen that all have historical connections to the Presbyterian Church in Hopewell (see earlier post).

These historic buildings are:

  •     Hopewell Academy ‐ 75 West Broad Street (1855) – Originally the public school
  •     Presbyterian Chapel ‐ 79 West Broad Street (1877) – The first Presbyterian Church
  •     Presbyterian Manse ‐ 83 West Broad Street (1892) – The original manse building
  •     Hopewell Presbyterian Church ‐ 80 West Broad Street (1915) – The current church
  •     Phillips House ‐ 86-88 West Broad Street (<1785) – A very early Hopewell building

== Read the full brief on these historical buildings at Broad & Louellen Streets (PDF) ==

Thanks to Judy Zwaaf for sharing this fun card.

We welcome these kinds of photos and other local historical materials that we can help preserve and share.

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