Discovering Local History Online: Seminary Ave. – Presentation and Video

Here are the presentation slides, video, and references from the Discovering Local History Online: Exploring Seminary Ave. talk by Douglas Dixon, presented on July 6, 2022 at the Hopewell Theater, and online via Zoom.

Discovering Local History Online

How can we find out about our local history – people and families, places and businesses?

Harry Cox Shaving Parlor c1907 [HVHS Calendar]

As a follow-up to the earlier Seminary Avenue Historic Walking Tour, this presentation demonstrates the kinds of information that you can gather about local history from online sources (many free), in order to weave together interesting stories of people, places and businesses.

The test case for this presentation is the apparently undistinguished Seminary Avenue, which turns out to have been an important “starter street” for small businesses – from barbers and bakers and butchers, to clothing and grocery stores, plus a town theatre, firehouse, and library.

The talk is illustrated by sources including maps and photos, books and references, deeds and census records, newspaper articles and obituaries – and enhanced by the memories of local people and family members.

Hopewell Public Library “Wednesday Night Out” Series
Co-sponsored by the Hopewell Valley Historical Society and The Hopewell Museum

Presentation Slides

Expanded version of the presentation slides (PDF)

Includes additional annotated maps and information on additional buildings.

Presentation Video

Video of the Zoom presentation (1 hour).


References for the Seminary Avenue Historic Walking Tour

Includes the tour handout, plus street briefs on Seminary Ave. and East Broad / South Greenwood, and briefs on properties along the route, including the Harry Cox barber shop, Hopewell Inn, and the Hopewell Public Library and Hopewell Fire Companies.

Cox Barber shop with Pool Room addition on back [1912 Sanborn Fire Map]
Cox “Tonsorial Parlor” advertisement [Hopewell Herald newspaper 11/07/1906]
Marriage of Harry L. Cox and Larena E. Morrell [Hopewell Herald newspaper 4/18/1906]
Harry Cox family with son Raymond [1915 NJ Census]

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