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St. Alphonsus Church Directory 2000

These are extracts of 2000 and 2010 pictorial directories from St. Alphonsus Church in Hopewell Borough.

These include church histories, information and photos of church staff and groups, plus photos of church families – capturing these moments in time in the life of the church and community.

The History Project Pamphlet Collection now has 210 contributed pamphlets and booklets – including for community events described in previous posts – especially the Hopewell Harvest Fair almanacs, Pennington Day booklets, and historic House Tour brochures. There are also handouts from Municipalities, Businesses, local Organizations, and Veterans groups.

We also have 20 School pamphlets, including for yearbooks, graduation, and other events back to the late 1800s. These are particularly interesting when they include lists and photos of the students and teachers of the time that we can connect to historical research and to family memories.

== View the 2000 St. Alphonsus Church Directory (PDF) ==

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Church Pamphlets

St. Alphonsus Directory 2010

And the Church pamphlets collection is filling out as well (see below), with histories of the Pennington churches from the 2015 Pennington 125th anniversary Historic Churches (PDF), and extracts from a variety of documents from Pennington and Hopewell Borough churches – anniversaries, dedications, and even a cook book – that also include historical notes.

These pictorial directories from St. Alphonsus Church are similar to the school yearbooks, in that they preserve the histories and people of the times.

Kids – St. Alphonsus 2000
Christmas – St. Alphonsus 2010

For example, the photo page from 2000 shows kids activities – in the choir, dressed in their finest, and very happy with presents.

And the page of Christmas photos from 2010 shows the sanctuary decorated for the season, kids in costume for the Christmas presentation, and the outdoor Living Nativity sponsored by the Council of Churches – still being held today.

== View the St. Alphonsus Church Directories in the Pamphlets Collection ==

Thanks to Sal Torre for sharing these documents.

We obviously would welcome additional historic pamphlets and other materials on local churches (and other organizations) including churches that are not yet included, especially in Titusville.

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