Hopewell Elementary School 1952

Hopewell Elementary 1952 Yearbook

Part of our Pamphlet Collection is a growing category of pamphlets from local schools, including the original Hopewell High School from the 1890s to 1920s (now the firehouse), and then Central High School from the 1930s. These include yearbooks, graduation programs, and programs for class plays.

And now, courtesy of Roger Labaw, we have the 1952 Hopewell Elementary School graduation program and yearbook for the eighth grade class.

The old yearbooks in the collection, like the Hopewell High School Blue and Gold, are provide a fun sense of the time, with class history and boosterism, photos of students and teachers, student writing, and personal notes about the students. Like the programs for class plays, they also can have helpful advertisements for local businesses.

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UPDATE 3/6/23: Also added 1956, 57, and 62 Hopewell Elementary School Yearbooks (and more) from Cathi Okerson and Tom Willis

Hopewell Elementary School

Hopewell Grammar School – 1926

The current Hopewell Elementary School on Princeton Avenue was originally known as the Hopewell Grammar School when it opened in 1926. – See the 1926 Hopewell Grammar School Dedication (PDF).

The new school replaced the previous Lincoln Grammar School on Model Avenue, which was originally built in 1888 and later expanded several times.

The original Hopewell High School (now the firehouse) was built around 1910 (see earlier post).

1952 Graduation Program

Hopewell Elementary School 1952 Graduation Program

The 1952 Hopewell Elementary Graduation Program (PDF) for the 29 members of the eighth grade class lists the graduates, class officers, and honored guests and speakers.

The program includes lots of music, including “The Bells of St. Mary’s” and “The Desert Song.”

1952 Yearbook

Candid photos from Hopewell Elementary 1952 Yearbook

The 1952 Hopewell Elementary “The Graduate” yearbook (PDF) features good photos of the class annotated with their school activities and home addresses, plus some “candid camera” photos in the school and a large collection of baby / toddler photos – with identifications.

The yearbook is decorated with copious artwork by Roger Labaw. It includes lists of the students and the staff, the class song, and summaries of the class history, year in review, sports, and New York trip.

The class also solicited letters from notable successful people, with responses from the presidents of Princeton (“honesty and consideration”) and Vassar (sportsmanship and the Golden Rule), leaders of Eastern Airlines (set goals, overcome failures) and Simon and Schuster (finish the job, be honest, golden rule), Norman Rockwell (honesty, integrity, and loyalty; good work habits; cheerful attitude), and J. Edgar Hoover (“helpful at home, industrious at school, and fair while at play”).

Student photos from Hopewell Elementary 1952 Yearbook

But most striking are multiple fun lists of descriptions of the students (plus one for the staff):

  • Cream of the Crop – for attributes from Most Studious to Biggest Arguers
  • Through the Looking Glass – for Favorite Sayings, Pet Peeves (“boys” and “brothers” are favorites), and Needs Most (“new jokes” and “a poodle cut”)
  • Class Prophecy – for future careers after a journey to Mars – “Chairman of the United Planets Food Commission” and “dress designer for Universal Fashions, Inc.”
  • Last Will – to bequeath their curly hair, giggles, spitballs, alligators, and “sweet disposition to her sister who really doesn’t need it”

Thanks to the folks who contributed school pamphlets. Please contact us if you have more school materials – or other artifacts of Hopewell area history.

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