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Blue and Gold [Class of 1917 yearbook]
Published by the Senior Class of Hopewell High School, June 1917, 28 pp.

The class of 1917 had 14 students, two boys and twelve girls

Contents: Class Yell, Motto, Flower (Daisy), School Song, Teacher photos, Curricula, Jokes
Senior Class Song, Senior Class photo, Commencement Program,
Class Will, Class Roll with photos, History of the Class of 1917, Class Prophecy
Remembers, Question Box, Class Primer, Superlatives, Alumni
Baccalaureate Service / Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Farewell Song, Class Roast, Class Poem
Business display ads

[The class graduated in the midst of World War I.
The United States declared war on Germany April 6, 1917, and U. S. forces arrived in Europe in June.]
“It is with great regret that we will bid farewell to our Alma Mater to take our place in other fields. We do not know what life may have in store for us, but however high or humble a position we may hold, we will ever look back with pleasure upon the four years spent so happily within its walls.
The conditions now confronting us are so unsettled that some of us may have to give up our personal plans and ambitions, but let us each try to do our bit for the land we love.”

Curricula (levels)
– Science – General, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography
– History (4) – Ancient, Modern European, U.S.
– English (4)
– Latin (4), German (3)
– Math – Algebra (3), Geometry, Commercial Arithmetic
– Commercial – Typewriting, Stenography (2), Bookkeeping (2), Penmanship
Commerce & Industry, Man. Training
– Drawing – Freehand, Mechanical

Schedule: Seven 40-minute periods, some with one block for Study
– 9.15-9.55, 9.55-10.35, 10.35-11.15, 11.15-11.55, [lunch], 12.55-1.35, 1.35-2.15, 2.15-2.55

Students – Florence Allen, Ada Beney, Louie Braunworth, Anabel Cadwallader, Mary Cruser, John Oldis, Lillian Riley, Beatrice Shepherd, Wilbur Skillman, Susie Titus, Ethel Updike, Nellie Whitekettle, Permelia Williamson, Gladys Young

Teachers – Mr. Guy L. Corson (Science ), Miss Grace H. Wolfe (English, History), Miss Miriam Diefendorf (Languages), Adele B. Urbany (English, Math), Miss E. Grace Rigg (Commercial)

Administration: John N. Race, President of Board of Education, H. C. Krebs, County Superintendent of Somerset County
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