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Cover: “Description of Ralston Heights”
Title page: “Booklet of Ralston Heights / containing a description of the Building Lots, Estates & Little Farms at the proposed future City of Ralston”
[by Webster Edgerly / uncredited]
[37 pp. booklet, unnumbered]

Description Of That Land Which We Hope Is Destined To Become The Future City Of Ralston
– Answers To Questions, The Chosen Land, Pure Air, Paradise Of Flowers
Sketch Of The Revolutionary History Of Ralston Heights, by Ralph Ege
[Developing Properties]
– Prices Charged For Land, Problems In Home Building, Little Farms And How To Make Them Pay
– The Protective Deeds, Protective Clauses, Titles And Terms
[The Location]
– The Climate, U. S. Report On Mercer County
[Available Properties]
– Description And Prices Of The Little Farms, Prices Of The Building Lots, Prices Of The Estates
– Description Of The Avenues
– How To Make Ralston Heights An Immediate Success
– Agreement To Purchase
– Rules Governing The Purchase Of Land

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