Hopewell News – Ashton (1943-1946)

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Hopewell News (originally Hopewell This-‘N’-That)
Dean H. Ashton, Editor and Publisher
Bound copy; Total 50 issues plus 4 letters, 294 pp

World War II news-sheet, to inform service members of home-town doings
Published 50 issues, from January 1943 to January 1946
Originally sent to Calvary Baptist Church members, eventual distribution of 500 copies, to more than 200 Hopewell people in the armed forces

Expanded into book, “Be It Ever So Humble The Story of Hopewell, New Jersey, and its Servicemen During World War II” (1947), with extracts from Hopewell News, plus personal interviews after service members returned from the war

Later wrote “Hopewell Academy (Forerunner of Brown University) And The Lives of Outstanding Graduates” (c 1960), unpublished manuscript now available on the site
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