Hopewell’s Past (1987) – Betty Gantz

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Hopewell’s Past (1987) – Betty Gantz
by Elizabeth (Betty) Gantz
Unpublished manuscript (dot-matrix printer)
Hopewell Valley News columns 1975 – 1983, edited into book 1987, 209 pp. [HM, HPL]
Digital edition scanned from HPL copy, OCRed and edited to remove OCR issues, 2019
Maintains a close replication of the look of the original, with typewriter-like monospace font
Retains original pagination, so cross-references and Index still correct
(Breaks at end of pages adjusted slightly to avoid breaking in middle of sentences)
Copyright (c) 2019 Robert and Richard Gantz
Posted with permission by the Hopewell Valley History Project
Available for personal and research use; not for commercial use
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File – 1987-Gantz-Hopewells-Past-HPL.pdf